Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PayPerPost: A Postie's Affair

Sometime late last year, I was introduced to this paid blogging world by a couple (who are now working very hard blogging daily, and earning handsomely! You know who you are. Hehe), actually it was more like coercing me into it! Hmm. Anyway, life has been different since. Well, not different, different per se. More like oh-my-gawd-employment-freedom-so-cool-can-die! different.

So I signed up with PayPerPost then and have been raving about it here. If you’ve been following my scribbling you’d have read about PPP at one time or another. Now I’m not the type of person who’d advertise everything freely without first knowing it has a good product or service and that the customer service rocks, and you know the power of advertisements even though it’s in small scale! I do have my word of mouth ethics and principles, okay! I’m just, anal, like that, if you give me good customer service - a warm smile, a sincere hello, a heartfelt aiding hand, I’m sold!

So PPP has been steadfast in that way - easy to use, nice customer service (they call it customer love ;), and money is paid on time without dramas (if you ask me, this money I earned from blogging is like my personal saving! Wedding and setting up of a home has cost us so much that we actually find it difficult to save for the longest time!)

Through PPP, I came to learn so much more about paid blogging: the ethics, the approaches, the mechanisms, on how to improve and bring progress not just to your bank account, but your blog and your readers. And on top of that, I came to know bloggers around me who are doing sponsored posts too, their sheer determination and will have been a constant drive for me to better myself in not just my writing, but with this blog too, a virtual pad I doubt I can ever bid farewell to!

So if you think you’re up for it and are ready to give paid blogging a chance, look me up! I’ll be glad to share with you what I know! After all, this love has been passed down to me, and so I shall spread it out too! :)

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