Monday, August 13, 2007

Boo hoo! No More Jalur Gemilang On My Cake!

Ain’t it amazing what our big guys up there can come up with? Like, jiak bao boh dai zhi zho meh? Now that I’m robbed of my favourite Independence Day activity, what am I to do??? :(

Hokay! Too many things’ going on (in my head and outside of my head), I feel almost… like…. You know, restless, and weak! You know, wobbly sorta weak? Oh wait, if “weak” then shouldn’t be using “!” right?! Because I’m supposed to be “weak” mah! Like, boh lat like that, so how can use “!!!’s” right?

Oh gee, somebody stop me please! I’m not even a hokkien!!!

*Foo*Foo*Breath*Breath* There, there, now lemme see…

Kicking off a small biz project real soon. Pray all things will work to our favour. Oh I don’t think you’ll feel our presence not unless you’re in our area! Hah! Will (maybe) update later. [uh, Jason, is this project a top P&C thing? Erm, woops! Now the whole world knows!]

Someone need help! And we so hope we can help in all ways we can!

I’m getting a little tired of blogging but hey, I started another niche blog nonetheless. Yeah -_-

I’m looking at kick-starting a French club; simple, mindless, for good-ole-fun sorta thing while keeping my French polished while introducing the language to my friends. It’s really fun! JeeJin had a good time bombarding me with all the sweet talking words he could ever summon in English in his entire life and made me translate ‘em to French and have ‘em drafted and saved in his phone so that he can go sweet talk girls! *roll eyes* Tes yeux sont comme les étoiles dans le ciel! Pfft! *snigger*! Anyhoo! Any takers??? :) You'll learn good stuff like this above here! Girls just dig those, you know!

I’m looking at getting a MacBook, because of really good price.

I’m looking at how to get the money if I do, in the end, decide to go for a Mac, because the amount is not accounted for in our budget (yes, married people make budgets and balance sheets. *feel so adult* And we’ve just learned to look at these stuffs in a brand new light!)

One of the many reasons I’m considering a Mac is the designing tools - something much needed for another project I have in mind with a friend.

I’ve got so many TAGS to do until I sleep also dream about them! Confirm I “moh york gau” ade! Blogging’s ruling my life.

That reminds me, I want to blog about something on… uh, blogging? Argh, I’ve lost it!

Trying to grasp and apply as much as I can from my *official* financial guru. I want to disclose his name here, but what if you laugh at me? *sweats*

I’ve since love tra-la-la-ling the finance management/ management aisles in MPH. I’m looking for good books on Ray Kroc too. Tsk. What've gotten into me?!

Next month 17th is our 1st year anniversary! *gasp* so fast?! *faints* I have NO idea what to do! Zilch! Nada! Need to assemble a team of the smartest, craziest, funniest committees ade!!! Oh... did I just give away too much?

Bro Lam vetoed Jason and I to be the actors for the Charade round in Bible quiz… citing reasons such as we are the youngest in the group and that our bones are more agile. O_o''' Act. Stage. Audience. Me. Sweat.

Oh yeah! Suddenly remembered, I just gave some items for my mom to test out the market in her shop! Follow up! Follow up!

Oh yeahh!!! Another friend! Another project! OMG!

[[insert here whatever else that comes to mind later]]

Basically, my life is still a mundane, dull from-home-to-work-to-church-to-home routine, but can you see the speed of my mind?!!! It irks me so much to see all things keep flashing in my mind but always: not the time yet, not now, gotta wait till next month, next Saturday, push this forward, on hold first, no budget now, it’s only happening next week, johhhh! It’s driving me cuhhh-rahhhh-zeeee!!! I want results, and I want them NOW! *ROAR*


I think I just shocked myself there.
O.M.G…. Backup next OMG what was I babbling about?!!! It's THIS Sunday. I suddenly KANCHEONG ade…. How ah…. What to wear?!!! This crazy music team got weekly dress code some more!!! How lah??? I only got Superman teeshirts and a pair of torn jeans only lahh! OMG!!! Stand on stage!!!! OMG!!! HOWWWWW LAHHHHHHHHHH????????? T_T


Tine said...

Hehehehe, vous bleu blah :p (that's about the only French I can mumble :p)

Ooooh start a beauty blog. I LOVE reading beauty blogs. We need more Malaysian writers anyways. Just a suggestion ;)

Alvin said...

.M.G…. Backup next Sunday. I suddenly KANCHEONG ade…. How ah…. What to wear?!!! This crazy music team got weekly dress code some more!!! How lah??? I only got Superman teeshirts and a pair of torn jeans only lahh! OMG!!! Stand on stage!!!! OMG!!! HOWWWWW LAHHHHHHHHHH?????????

Your quirky sense of humor just never fail to put a smile on my face especially on a Monday working day.

Either you are “siow” or you’re “funny”..hahaha..

Business-woman in the making huh?..i see..i see..

Eh teach me how to say this in French, “I will only want to do special things for only one girl from now onwards, and that girl is you. I love you”.

About the worship band gig, just wear a jacket over your superman t-shirt and a skirt. Awesome combination.

Leishia J said...

vous bleu blah is a very good start! :D

and incidentally, a beauty blog is what exactly i've just started! lol but a bit shy to announce it here, like now. oh hey, i must say, i love reading ur beauty blog!!! so semangat lah! hehe.

eh, excuse me, i am FARNY hokay? :)

can u get any lamer than that? -_-"i will only want to do special things for only one girl from now onwards!" lol :X

erm, okok, i'll translate ok. let me think how to make it more poetic, and bombastic, and erm, more french first! d'accord? ;)

sure "lam" her until she "ter-kau" wan! then ah, make sure ur wedding i'm exempted from giving ang pau! LOL I'msosmart!!!

Adino said...

LOL JeeJin probably charms girls with his puppy brown eyes la... tell him no need to learn French. The next time you see him ask if he still remembers "I'm Your Potato You're My Tomato" hehe...

Congrats on your starting to serve on the worship team! Don't scared la... normally people either:

1) Look at the projector screen
2) Close eyes
3) Look at handsome worship leader Donny

Just watch out for the worship leader's signals and you'll be alright. Remember sing loud loud.

For your wedding anniversary I would suggest a romantic holiday. Go back where you honeymooned la.

Anggie's journel said...

wah... u sound so busy busy .... and busy .
heh i just watch ur wedding ceremony.. very nice wedding and of cos u very pretty ... hehehe . 1st anniversary ar ????.. much well plan and romantic lei.. something to remember la ... cos the 1st u know... like me.. after the 1st anniversary... the 2nd, 3rd ... all very "ching chai" already, a dinner, a movie... or maybe nothing in coming ann .... wooo wooo wooo

Leishia J said...

*sweat* look at handsome worship leader dohny *sweat*. lol go back to where we honeymooned? waste money only lah! better save that money buy me a laptop or save it for another kau-kau vacation! hehe

"i'm ur potatoe you're my tomatoe" = "je suis ta pomme de terre et tu est ma tomate"

!!! pomme de terre = apple of the earth = potatoe! LOLL

i SOUND busy only! but i am NOT :p

ala! every bride also pretty wan lah after all the makeup! :D hey! u should blog about ur wedding too! i heart reading about others' wedding stories! :D and i've saw some of ur wedding pictures, u both are so sweet lah! and u actually still look the same after giving birth to jeremy man! salute!

but the pics are a bit small and i lazy to click one by one. :x lol

ellejay said...

I hate learning languages! But french is just sooooooh cool and rohmanteek!
I'll see la. If my young spongy brain is willing to accept this new dimension of communication.

And dresscode leh...hahaha.
No formals at all meh?

And for whatever else I was going to say, I already forgot.


Jared says, said...

ah.. finally on the music team after eons of years.. chill la.. no need to worry.. in the worst case, dun wont anythin only la.. i'm sur pastor WONT mind. hehe

french is confusin me. i rather learn german. hehe

Leishia J said...

formals? what formals??? O_o haiks.

my so called french club hor, do things like watch FRENCH MOVIES, eat FRENCH FRIES, sing FRENCH SONGS lahhh. ur young spongy mind sure can take it wan.

Dang! O_O french is confusing u, but german is not? hehehehe. Go right ahead young man! hehehehehehe

Donny said...

*pats on head*

"There, there, now... singing backup is nothing to worry about la" says (quote) handsome worship leader Donny (unquote)

(Adino, I buy you aisklim later ok? muAHahaha!)

I've been to France. See it once, you've seen it all. I've been to Italy too. See it once, love it all! Haha! And the language!!! È splendido!

Start an Italian club instead! French club = French Fries... but Italian club = MAMA MIA! Pizzas, Pastas, Lasagne, Gellati!!!


Adino said...

*Agree with handsome hunky worship leader Donny* (I want double scoop with toppings on top)

Actually I think musicians more stressed... have to play the right notes, look at worship leader, look at scores, look at pastor *gulp*, worship, listen to other instruments, control urge to scratch nose / wipe sweat, give dirty looks to sound guy, remember song arrangements...

Ooh! I wanna start a language club too! We can meet and do all sorts of cool stuff like discuss the best way to synchronize asynchronous threads and the latest updates from MSDN.

I'll call it my WiiBee Dot Net language club. We can laugh at each other's ASP coding and also laugh at other people's primitive JavaScript. C# programmers not allowed.

Don't you all rush to join now...

Leishia J said...

perasan dohny and wiiBee adino: