Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's Do A Little Naughty SEO Talk

If you are a paid blogger, Google PR’s and SEO’s are important jargons. And if you’re well versed, you would play with your words in the content and the title, just so you’ll attract traffic (you can check out Adino’s blog just to see what I mean. Nyehehe >)

Now obviously I’m not even a semi-pro blogger here to give you any lessons and advises! But I just want to show off a teensy bit of how a blogger feels to see things like this:

erm, I think you gotta like, click to enlarge. But rest assured the first in list is ME! :D

Haha! So cool! Above! I know!!! Exshiting!

Hokay! Bedtime story’s over. Anyway! I’m looking to revamp this blog. A new layout and stuff. Now I love tweaking HTML and make friends with it, but at times, it really gets on my nerves man! *grunt*grunt*grunt* You know, just like some friends and people in your life. Woops! :x

So if you have any good sites that gives free downloads of great templates, please point me to the direction, or if you are like, a budding graphics/web designer in the making, and you need a guinea pig, Me! Me! ME!!! See I let you be my guinea pig offer to be your guinea pig for the sake of your future! Hehe. Well in any case, I just need a simple, very clean layout.

Mean time, stay tuned! (and happy weekend! :)


*GASP* life. undressed just hit it’s 10,000 clicks! Although, half of it was probably generated by myself. Hehe!

ANYHOOO!!! Ohmygodohmygod! 10 frigging thousand man!!! See! See! Didja see the 4 zeros? Didja? Didjaaa? Got puppies to celebrate with me some more! (Just ignore the cats please! OK?!)
I just can’t get anymore anal than this. Seriously. Need. A. Life. -____-


Adino said...

*humming* Hmm hmm hmm... search Google for "puppies undressed"... ooohhh hehehee this site looks promising *click*. Yikes! What is this Life Undressed?

Update: My wife has seen your famous aspirin mask and she wants to try on me! If I don't survive, well... I know... there'll be no more... tears in heaven...

P/S thanks for the link!

Leishia J said...

ala! dun be so drama lah. but do bring on Eric Clapton when doing the mask! very relaxing! :D

let ur wife know that its totally safe to use on herself, cos if leishia's skin can take it, so can anyone else! ish, so cheesy, but its true ;)

Michelle said...

come on, come on. say thanks to me, i linked you. :P