Friday, August 03, 2007

Humming To Impromp-tuness

There are just so many things I wished to say here but I can’t! Time for a new anonymous blog? :)

Well for the sake of a record and in summary: we went out of the way last evening to meet a couple from the States whom we’ve never ever met before. So obviously we didn’t know how each other look like, but still, all we could think of was, oh dear, quick, gotta beat the traffic and rush to KLCC man! They are waiting already! KL traffic! *shudders*

I was a little upset of course, I was dead tired, there have been many late nights (on weekdays!) lately - coming home late from everywhere, rushing to everywhere, going to bed at 1-ish, waking up at 6-ish, rushing to work, and its all over again, I thought if I continue to not getting enough sleep, I’d break down.

But yeah, we promised to meet them and even arranged for time and venue already, so we kept to our words (the irony was that, given any other times, we might very well just cancel the meeting! Not that any of the meetings are not important lah, don’t terasa, we love meeting people cos we got bored looking at each other ade, hanging out with friends and family, joining in the activities and festivities, just you know, circumstances lah, we stay in Bangi, REMEMBER?)

So I got off work early at 6pm, rushed back to Bangi, Jason not back yet, *grumble*grumble*, Jason came back, freshen up, rushed to Palm Garden Hotel to pick up his brother who came visiting (who’ve been cancelling the trip for umpteen time!), rushed to *gulp* KLCC (I hate going down to KL! Hate it!).

But the funny part was, the traffic was almost non-existent, for a KL standard. We found a parking lot effortlessly, plus we were almost on-time too despite taking a wrong turning and had to make a big u-turn. Go figure.

Amidst the crowd, we identified the guy from afar, and his back was facing us for that matter! We ate at the food court, sharing, telling stories. And this is one true happening guy, so on fire for God! It’s amazing! His testimonies were miracles after miracles!

His American wife was so animated. Haha! Love her humour and her “roll-eyes-like-duhhh “Hairrr-loowww?!! Anybody home?!!!” expressions. And their kids were just gorgeous! Proud products of interracial union :)

Every word coming out from him hit all 3 of us in the heart, unique to each of our situation. It’s just, timely. Simply fantabulous!

I had a great time, sitting there, sponging in every ounce of the energy from this missionary family. For awhile, I regreted my protest earlier.

There’s just so much I want to point out here, so much I want to share from the meeting with you guys. So much. But hey, for now, I’ll just have to learn to differentiate right and wrong timing and place lest I be a stumbling block, aye? Pray I can be a positive testimony and be an encouragement to others too, just like Ps. Dennis, and this beautiful family…


So much for “just a summary”. Hah!


cutehug said...

Hi, how come your blog is in French now ah? Oh btw it's Adino here. Don't ask me why my Google account is called CuteHug. Just. Don't. Ask.

Leishia J said...


but but.... ok i wont ask.... i'll just go ask dohny and lionel! LOL