Friday, August 24, 2007

My Fetish For Electrical Appliances

Jason: Eh dear! You haven’t told me that one thing you want for our anniversary lah!

Leishia: Uh, what do I want?

Jason: How I know ah? Nah, if you don’t tell me, you don’t scold me if I go ask other girls (Read: I just want to sweet talk to other girls) what you might like ah!

Leishia: Duh. What’s the point you asking other girls? Any girls at all would have nothing in common with me except we are, uh, girls? People’s interests are different lah! (Read: You cannot talk to other girls!)

Jason: Then how lah? What you really really like?

Leishia: I told you ade wut! I rweally rweally like Gadgets! I luuurvvVe gadgets with a capital V!

Jason: Like?

Leishia: Like, laptop! *eyes all beaming and sparkly*

Jason: We already discussed about laptop, laptop is later this year mah.

Leishia: Erm… handphone! I love that NOKIA RED flip phone thingy, from the N series.

Jason: You want so high tech phone for what???

Leishia: PSP! PSP is a game console, can play games lah, can listen to music lah, watch videos lah! Very very cool!

Jason: Not practical lah! After awhile, you’ll dump it aside wan.

Leishia: Then just give me ang pau lah. -____________-

Jason: *silence*…. You accept post dated check?

Leishia: O_- Can also lah.


ellejay said...

YES! The red N76 right?!!?!?!?!
Argh...Totally wanted to wait for that. But my dad said it would cost too much and I'd had to wait for the price to drop I got my present phone instead.
So classy la N76...I'm very into red and pink gadgets.

Leishia J said...

erm, i'm only into THAT N thingy. lol plus, the fact that its a nokia makes things so much more sweeter, plus plus, the fact that i'm so into flip phones now make it so much more.... tempting!

but i like ur phone also, very the classy-feminine lah!

JapBoyRockS said...

i want my lappy too! and hey hey! post dated cheque so rock! i noe what to do next for ppl's gifts! all POST DATED GIFTS! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Anggie's journel said...

hahaha.... abit funny here...
ya la get ang pou better la, can buy what u wan and what u like.
guy sometime is funny also, keep on asking what we want, after tell him hor... they seem dun want to buy and give alot of reason... hahaha, that what for asking...!!! true ar ..
ya ya... Nokia N76 is beautiful la, i always want a HP from my hb, always tak dpt... same as what ur hb told u la.... end up i buy myself la ... *-*

Anggie's journel said...

Or go a short vacation lor... nice also .
btw, what u plan to buy for HIM ??

The New Parent said...

Hi L--you so funny (smile)!
He's so the straight man to your funnyness.

Leishia J said...

-_- here we go with another male species.

lol we are "trained" to save since we got married. so until now, i've killed off alot of "i want's" hehe. so i cant think of anything that i want.

yeah, so i dunno what to do for him either! :p

lol so much for straight man to my face! i mean, funnyness :) he's wrecked a lot of my nerves! gah! (ok, ok, and vice versa too -_-)

Adino said...

Post dated cheque is a good idea. Your hubby quite a smart guy.

Bengbeng said...

my hp is so basic...i not even clever with sms :) if ihad a good hp i wouldnt know wat to do with it oso :)
although i would love a camera with hp

Leishia J said...

of course he's smart. otherwise he wouldn't have married ME! nyehehe!

lol i dun even have all those infrared/bluetooth stuff on my hp. oh wait, my current hp is actually my dad's! :x haha

and why do u want a hp camera huh? nanti mrs bengbeng twist ur ears baru tau!

Michelle said... sure to set a min amount to that angpow if not you might not get ur gadgets. :)

Leishia J said...

owh! good idea! timely reminder! dankyu dankyu!