Tuesday, August 28, 2007


... it’s not easy, I tell you. It’s exciting, yeah, yeah, but it’s so… emotionally demanding.

OK, NOT complaining! -_-'''

Leishia: Ish! So uncomfortable! I need a proper work table man!
Jason: Uhm hmm *tweaking the old piece of metal dubbed the computer*
Leishia: I need to set up a home office already! Hmm, where should it be? *survey the house while juggling the giant of a dictionary and documents on lap*
Jason: Of course.
Leishia: Maybe the guest room? Or this corner here?
Jason: OK. (note the non-connectivity >_<)
Leishia: Hmm, but there’s no fan, no air con!
Jason: *mumble* We’ll get a table fan *eyes affixed to the computer screen*
Leishia: No carpeting? Oh, I’ll need a chair too! You know, those swivel chairs for bosses?
Jason: … sure….
Leishia: And we’ll need to move out the beds too! I mean, it’s an office! Hurloww? *roll eyes*
Jason: *slow-mo turn around and drama 2 sec silence* bring back the money first, and then we talk.
Leishia: O_o Ala!!!! *sulk*emo*pout* >(

On another note,

EVAN ALMIGHTY so rules!!!! You've GOT to watch it! So farny!!!! :D


essie-chan said...

Hey yo!
Home office = temptation to eat/sleep/watch TV = evil.

Unless you have tremendous willpower to stay focused then okay. Good luck with the home office thing!

And this is unrelated to the post, but I just found the blog that is like... the Bible for the everyday woman. And here it is! http://womanwardrobeneeds.blogspot.com

Just the name should have you want to click it. This woman is totally fashionable. Pro writer. I actually had to google some of her words. But it's all about women and fashion, and it's really really professional, and so gosh-darned practical I love it myself!


Leishia J said...

dream yo! dream!!! dream also cannot meh??? T___T

Anggie's journel said...

A proper work place and comfortable furniture is important .
heh... u're a full time writer ? write about ?? :) just want to know u more ...*-*

Leishia J said...

haha! yeah, i guess u can call me a writer. i'm writing for a magazine. erm, basically, i write about everything?.... from home to parenting to covering events, and oh, here's my favourite favourite part: fod review! :D

i also do other writer stuff on the side. translation being the scariest! O.o

Anggie's journel said...

wow... u must be very good in language .. what language do u translated ? Can u read and write Mandarin ???

Leishia J said...

joh. dun lah so drama! lol i usually only do french/english/mandarin, so yeah, i can write mandarin, cos i'm chinese educated yo!!! haha!

essie-chan said...


Uhm... of course, dream away.

The New Parent said...

Hi L--so where are you putting your home office (smile)? The chair is sooo important!

Leishia J said...

hey frank!

haha! yeah the chair's D MOST IMPORTANT thing man!

*ahem* my home office! lol erm... actually the whole house is my home office. but the thought of "setting up a home office" is jsut so frigigng exciting! lol

i'm total lame-ness. really. i know.