Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Puked. I Cried. I Made Everyone Worried

I am sick! :(

Everyone thought I was dying. You can pull my legs up, and tilt my head down, you can do anything to me, and I’d remain lifeless. Oh, did I mention that I puked my guts out all over the place?

Poor me! I must have made everyone worried sick, especially my big sistah! She's ALWAYS paranoid that I will die early due to "negligence". And I don't even know what is negligence! (Psst, I can spell because I use Tee hee! I is smart!).

Dad managed to send me to the vet after brudder called the whole world informing of my dying *rolls eyes*. 2 shots, a bagful of medicines, and 200 hundred bucks poorer later, I'm one happy girl again. I wagged tail, and I demanded food. It was me mom’s birthday yesterday and *they* had chocolate biscuit crusted cheesecake, but I couldn’t eat becauseeee "lest she gets sick again" *DUH* :( Everyone absolutely *refused* to give me a taste of heaven even I used my mostest sincerest puppy eyes and I swear (big sistah said cannot simply swear woh. So "unlady like" haiks) promised it showed, I was even drooling non-stop and kept swallowing my saliva! And all they did was kept cooing how cute I was! *sulk*sulk* >(

But I was rweally rweally hungwee because I puked everything out, remember? Good thing my nana and big sistah steamed a piece of chicken for me, else I would be writing my eulogy now! (ohmygawd! I'm swearing again! >.<). ANYWAYZzzz. I love my nana and big sistah! :D

I need to go play now! That’s my job, you know! Toodles!



Tine said...

Oh dear, hope Polly gets well soon.

Btw, just wanted to let you know, I think your feed URL's a bit messed up; I've not been getting your latest feeds, and when I tried accessing your feed's URL, it says that the page isn't redirecting properly.

Feedburner perhaps? :P

Leishia J said...

yeah. perhaps.

lol i'm just lousy with all the feeding... stuff... ah well! yeah, time to switch! :)

Sushi the Shih Tzu said...

Don't worry Polly, you're gonna be all right. Sometimes I puke and get sick too.

My tai kor Adino suspects that I eat cockroaches or something. Or it could be those tissues that I keep eating from the floor.


*Offers paw*

Polly So Rawk said...

ohmydawg! my first dawggie reader! i is excited!!!

psst psst, when my big sistah started blogging, she had to bribe her friends to actually read her blog! haha. :x

anywayzzz, ur right, it could be the used q-tip i korek from the dustbin. heh. my lollipop. they tastes kinda good. saltish.

thanks sushi! u take carez too!

JapBoyRockS said...

LOLZ leishia... the way u blog doesnt seem like your really sick! hahahA! get well son! & i wan my tetikus plssssssssssss! no cherry this time! XD

Leishia J said...

how u read ur story wan? i wasn't the sick one lah!

and pls, give credit where it's due - Polly was the blogger of the day, hokay? u didnt even say hi or acknoledge her some more demand for tetikus. tsk.