Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our 1st Anniversary Was Spent…

Movie marathon-ing! Whoo hoo!!!

There was going to be a *surprise* party thing - Jason and the gang was to be the surprisers, and I, the surprisee. And well, honestly? I did kinda know there’ll be one, because I’m sharp and I pick up wind fast. Hehe! And I’m secretly smitten!

And then on Saturday afternoon, I overheard Jason on the phone.

“Hmm…. Yeah….. I never thought of that….. yeah, yes yes…. Oh… yeah lah. Yeah lah. Thanks for pointing out…. Yes….”


And I knew my party is no more!!!! *BAWLS*

Sigh. Apparently someone pointed out to him that this is *our* first anniversary, and how sure is he that I want to have a party? SIGH! Well how sure is *he* that I don’t want a party wohh *pout*

But then I knew Jason was disappointed too because he’s spent lots of time trying to pull things together but in the end he had to call it off. Oh well!

Anyway we both took the day off on 17th. And being the coolest husband that he is, Jason let me sleep-in in the morning while he woke up early to clean up the house PLUS wash the bath and the toilet! You so rock! And made coffee (*heart*) before waking me up (but I woke up before that and saw him doing all the woman stuff in the kitchen, and quickly tip-toed back to the room stifling my laugh and pretended sleeping. Hehe)

*insert meal time*

Movies in the morning when everyone else is working is always awesome! Although Ratatouille was a little blah; but as long as I don’t need to be in the office! Hahaha!

*insert snack time*

I think it was somewhere during The Bourne Ultimatum’s trailer,

An exasperated Jason: Me! My show!*huff & puff* I’m watching THAT show! It’s my show! *huff & puff* Not some RotiTelur show! *sulk*

Aww. He meant Ra.ta.tou.ille.

*insert coffee break*

OK, so RotiTelur Ratatouille was nothing to shout about, but Premonition, on the hand, was a timely reminder for both of us to appreciate our relationship, honour our marriage, and fight for love, hope, and family. You guys should really give the show a go. Sandra Bullock’s timelessly beautiful as usual! Oh, and some uncle fell asleep mid-movie and SNORED. SO. LOUD. -_-

*insert meal time*

We sneaked into a cinema hall showing Hairspray when Nickki Blonsky was crooning “Oh Oh Oh Don’t Make Me Wait. One More Moment For My Life To Start. Good Morning Baltimore!!!!”

*insert snack time*

And finally, we had I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry to end the day. I love Adam Sandler’s lame humour! Oh, lots of eye candies in the movie so it’s not very children friendly. So, people like Jap, Dohnie, and RedJar, wait till you grow older, hokay?

*insert meal time*

So there! Not a very *happening* day, but I LOVE every bit of it! We got to eat loads, talk loads, watch loads of movies with boobies beauties, and just simply spend time with each other eating, talking, watch… erm, yeah, you get the drift. It was rweally nice. Heh :)

Oh I wish everyday is anniversary day!

You know what, whether it’s 1st anniversary, or the 20th birthday, or even just another Monday, celebrate it like you would welcoming a newborn.

The fact that we are awake and breathing, it’s a miracle already

So when was the last time you took time off to spend with your loved ones? Believe me, it’ll worth every second of your 1 day annual leave. Really!

Well, Happy Anniversary y’all!

Psst. I have a surprise too planned out for Jason. OK, not so surprise already because I terbongkar myself -__- Anyway! There’ll be lots of pictures then to post! I hope! Hehe! I’m so excited! Oh dear, I’ll need a sundress, pwetty sandals, dangly earrings… and, and, and I’ll need to stop eating and flatten my tummy so that I can fit into my lengha!!!!


essie-chan said...

*is suddenly very nervous*

Leishia J said...

haha! dun be lah! we are VELY easy to work with. YOU DA BOSS! Hokay? :)

Adino said...

Congrats on your first anniversary! I wish every day was anniversary day too :( Next round can bring me along ah?

Leishia J said...

haha! tag along! we can order MORE food to share! and in case u feel paiseh, you have a role to play - our photographer! nyahaha!

Bengbeng said...

the thought of u tip toeing back to yr room n pretending to sleep is so hilarious keke

Alvin said...

that is so so for sharing wei..

your husband is really

The New Parent said...

Hi L--congrats on your first and many, many more (smile)!

Leishia J said...

lol apalah! hilarious pulak! hehe

so sweet? lol erm, hokay. nah, go learn, make sure u clean the house, ur dream girl sure love u long time wan, some more no need crack head write poems in foreign language. hehehe

thanks so much! :)

Abby's Mummy said...

tee hee...what surprise you 'terbongkar' pulak? *wink*

happy anniversary larr...!!! ^_^

Dohnie said...

Eh, nola... Ratatouille rocks! SOH farnee, I thot!

Why am I included in the list of people who need grow older??!!!

*Don't know if I'm supposed to feel insulted or encourgaed*

Leishia J said...

abby's mummy:
hor! ur trying to use reverse psycho on me? hehehe i wont fall into ur "ham jieng" wan!

ratatouille no rock lah. anyway, u SHOULD feel encouraged! bcos we all lub u longggg time!

me so farnee! i cant stop lubbing everyone longggg time! LOL