Thursday, September 06, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around, Malaysia.

You know the saying about choosing the right life partner?

“Watch how he treats his mom, that’s how he’ll treat his wife”

You see my dear country and fellow AMAZING leaders, the same applies.

Because we see, every darn day, how you treat people who are not your kind, animals who are called unclean in your law; we see everything. And if we voice out any displeasure, we are doomed.

We are called unpatriotic. We are called traitors. We are called shite stirrer. We are called goblok. We are called pondans.

But that’s OK. We let it slide, for the sake of peace.

But this????

Catch more than 150 stray dogs within six months and you might just win at least

Under the rules of the competition, residents can work with their respective resident committees or any other organisation, but must deliver the dogs alive.

Photographs of the captured dogs are to be submitted as proof and the council will provide tools for those interested in taking part in the competition.
-- the Star

Somewhere, some one said National Day celebrations are only for children, because they don't know what the true meaning of Merdeka is, yet.

How true.

If this is how you treat animals dogs, can our future generations expect any more better treatments from you?

Oh by the way, why not raise the stake and let us catch the stray cats for you too?

Edit: Go to this site and speak up against this barbaric move!


The New Parent said...

Hi L--interesting approach to getting rid of dogs? Might some people cathc more then just stray dogs, maybe other peoples pets?

What has the outcome been?

Anggie's journel said...

Have a nice day with this nice awards +

Leishia J said...

totally! but the honcho's not getting the point. there's no news about aborting the contest.

btw, i've updated the post with a link to petition against the contest, do dropby to sign!

thanks girl!