Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


I’ve finally, finally, finally finished my translation stint!

So much stress. I can’t even *see* myself anymore in the mirror with my face covered with pimples *gasp* (lol that’s a funny illustration. Euw, but funny. Heh). I’d slept at 1am, woke up at 5am, and worked through the day to get the work finished; the whole time kept thinking about announcing the death of my blog, but the thing is, I don’t even have the time to google for a free eulogy template! Gah!

And here I am! FI.NA.L.LY.FI.NI.SHED

And every victory is NOT a victory until you do *that* jiggly little dance! You just HAVE to do it! So I did. Well, was doing…

when suddenly my phone rang. *beep*beep*client*beep*beep*uhoh*beep*beep*

Says he got another stack of drawings to be translated wohhhh.



Anggie's journel said...

ho ho ..brovo to u...but... another stack ?? all the best lor...
I know how you feel la ... i m stress too to 'force' doing translation ... very susah la ... pening pening pening *-*
but good thing hor... i get to learn some new words thru out the translation ... hehehe
thanks for the web site u email me.... i m using it too, different web have different translation, i means the words there are using is different even the meaning almost the same.

Leishia J said...

T_T yeah loh. all the best to me man.

but hey, ur most welcome! after getting these sites to translate, u still need to keep on flipping that dictionary. but they are a good pointer and guide lah. heh.