Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Girls DO Fart! (Erm, Just Speaking For Myself)

One random day in the car

Wife: *sniff*sniff* x_x
Hubs: Heh. *wind down window* Sorry ah!
Wife: *bow over window*gags for air* Yerr! What you ate?
Hubs: What? I ate what you ate also lah!
Wife: -_- Then why I don’t fart like that?
Hubs: Because you’re a girl! Girls don’t fart!
Wife: Whaaa???
Hubs: Yeah lah! Never once I heard you fart before!

Another random day in the car

Wife: I farted! Can you smell? =D *proud*
Hubs: O_o
Wife: Heehee! Good. Just thought I inform you! I'll let you know next time I fart again, hokay? :)


sailorsim said...

nearly choked on my drink while reading this ;)

sailorsim said...

to clarify... i nearly choked cause it was funny. toilet humour never hurt anyone :D

Abby's Mummy said...

excuse me young lady, i don't fart ok *sniff disapprovingly*

And i don't sweat, scratch, flake, stink or pick their noses either

dontcha wish your girlfriends were frigid like me! :lol:

abby's mummy said...

woops! i meant pick my nose. i mean, i DON' know...pick my nose...

let's change the topic hokay

Anonymous said...

Halo, kenrick here.
Erika gave me ur blog add, he said dat to contact u to contact me, i should go spam your blog cos u camp it everyday. ;P

Sooo... contact me asap ya?

Leishia J said...

erm... i'm glad u err... laughed. hehe

abby's mummy:
OF COURSE u don't! you're YUMMY MUMMY, remembah?!

anonyme aka kenrick:
dude, u sound like a pimp here lah! can u talk normal? oh wait... that IS your normal talk! -__-
anywaysss! u sign "anonyme". how do u think i can "contact you asap ya?" lol

Zavia/GenX said...

o ya