Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Open Letter To Our Dearest Andy

Hey Andy (in my brain, it’s always “auntie” hehe),

You have no idea how happy we were to hear the good news! We are sorry for not visiting you. We figured you’ll be too tired out from receiving so many visitors through out the whole weekend and explaining the condition over and over again, so we didn’t come see you (OK, I lied. I was afraid I would cry in front of you and have awkward silences in between. -_- Sowee.)

But I heard from many, many people who visited you that you were so strong, so positive, and so happy through out! You’ve reminded and taught us all what “trust in the Lord” and what “Faith” is. Surely, God never looked at age and status, but uses whoever who have Faith in Him to speak to the world!

Through you, through this crisis, the church is knitted so much closer! I tell you, you’ve no idea how “gamdong” it was man! You are really, really loved!

Rest and get well now! We want to see you back in church (and on Frisbee field!) real soon! Hokay? (You should see all the bitter-gourd/horse/sour face that all your youth friends bore through out the weekend! Never seen them so dead before! Hehe)

Always with lots of huggies and love,
... (OK lah, for you I'll call myself...) Auntie (-_-) Leishia & Uncle Jason


Alvin said...

Now this is inspiring indeed. Praise God. My prayers goes to your fellow church member, andy. Indeed, how great is our God. Our so called misery in life is nothing compared to what andy and his family is going through.

This is really encouraging. I met a major accident yesterday, both me and the 13 year boy motorcyclist is alright. Praise God. This is really really encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

Bless you,

Adino said...

Glad to know Andy is alright. Uncle Albert and Aunty Angela must have gone through a terrible time.

It's really wonderful to hear that SJAG was singing in one voice. I hope that you guys keep it up.

Sometimes God needs to send a big shock to shake us out of our complacency.

God is moving in our nation in a very powerful way. We need to align our hearts and lives to His word.

Ju said...

Thank you SOOOOO much, Leishia, for loving him and praying for him.

p/s: come stay voer in my house then we cna go visit him everyday....LoL...XP