Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Of Sustenance & Survival

The weekend is right around the corner, again. -_-

Why time flies? Why ah??? The minute you hit 20, time just *foosh*foosh* in a blink. Did you notice? Or was it just me? O_O


I haven’t even had the time to jot down about last week and suddenly, whoo hoo! Hello weekend! Zzzz. (Actually I kind of have the time lah, these 2 days, but was too lazy occupied with other things)

Last weekend was erm… eventful (an understatement). Boys and girls, when you pray, be careful of what you pray for. Daughtry said it: you might just it get it all. And then some.

… Hokay. I’m crapping.

In short, God kept me energizer-bunnied through out the last weekend, I am amazed, still is.

See, we were invited to share with the tweenagers about life and relationships (ahem) at their PYjamas night in church. If you haven’t had tweenagers (ages 10/11/12/13) in your household and are planning to have one or two soon, let me tell you this: they. don’t. sleep.

Oh, and they LOVE talking! =D So be prepared, you know, stock up earplugs, sleeping pills, funds for soundproof walls and consultation fees with the shrinks, etc.

So the boys and girls are separated in different rooms during bedtime (of course lah -_-). I joined the girls while Jason joined the boys.

Random boy walked up to Jason after lights off,

Boy: Are you lonely? I accompany you, OK?

And without waiting for response, he grabbed his sleeping bag, and plonked right next to Jason.

Boy: Do you like girls? I like girls. *Yak yak yak yak till 6AM. *


And then somewhere in the later, or early middle of the night, depends on how you look at it, Jason called me on my hand phone to come out (and woke me up! Grr). So I zombied out of the room in long baggy pants, big white baggy t-shirt, and uh, long untied hair.

Somewhere across the hall: Yerr!!! Ghost ah!!!! *shriek like a girl*

Jason rebutted: It’s not a ghost lah! It’s my wife! -__-

Awww, so schweeta you!

(Oh, an interesting side note. It was here in the PYjamas night I first saw an old man but young at heart young man but old at heart JeeJin turned into a shave cream pie. Ha. Ha. I laughed my head off, but not so funny in the end, because have to clean up the mess in the middle of the night after that T__T)

So no body got to sleep the whole night. The next morning, we took off at 11am. Reached my parents’ home, I started working on my translation till 3pm, quickly packed and rush off to the Putra Height’s Mid Autumn Festival Celebration (got roped in as committee T_T)

The weather was SO hot! I had rashes and red patches all over my face! Gah! Set up, set up, and more set up. Event finished, pack up, pack up, and more pack up. Load. Load. And more loading. Then unload. Unload. And more unloading. Reached home at 1am.

Slept at 2. Woke up at 9 *screams* showered and rushed for service, and heard 2 tear jerking testimonies. Lunched, and headed in for another meeting (chewah, I feel so corporate!). No lah, not exactly meeting, just bantering (where Dohnie binged on junk food NON STOP! -_-) while discussing about our Christmas musical thing musical production. We are planning for a PRODUCTION (*cough* just to up my corporate image here. Hehe).

And then wrapped up at 5pm, reached parents’ home, and worked on my translation again at 5:30pm; decided to skip dinner with family, but mom and dad kept pestering inviting. So OK lah, we went. After dinner and worked on some more (due the following day!!!!) and by the time I finished, it’s 10:40pm. =_=

Packed up, Federal Highway jammed, reached home at 12. Knocked out. Woke up at 5am to check my work. Drove to work at 7am. And another work day with all its craziness ensued.

And then, with the minimal shut-eye and perpetual rush, the tiredness finally kicked in….


The end.

P/S This post is not meant to show off (how are you going to relate it to showing off, I don’t know) but I just want to remind myself that, through out everything, God sustains.

God is so good. Really. He is.


keeyit said...

Yeah times really fly.. especially when you look back.. for me, i feel that I just started to work.. BUT now already 5 years..

Anggie's journel said...

coming to year end already .... i feel i just pass my CNY .. hahaha.

btw, i just tagged u.

Leishia J said...

hey there! thanks for dropping by! :) i know what u mean, lol u kinda like, hey but i just came out from school last week, how's that, i'm... gah! my 50th birthday is next week!

oh boy. :) hehe

lol yeah, and i've just counted my CNY angpau yesterday too.

dohnie said...

Whahaha! Hey Lisa! You the wo-man! Bring on the junk food any time!


Leishia J said...

ZZZZZZzzzzz -___-