Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lady Luck Luuurves Me

I’ve been telling everyone on my MSN list about a funny incident I saw on my way to work this morning. Tee hee, it was pretty darn cute *snigger*

At a random traffic light, there’s this cat across the street, on the “low land”, next to a concrete wall, beside a drain. (Heh. Just so you can imagine mah!)

The cat attempted jumping over the wall - on to the “higher land”. So it (“it” because I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl) leaped and jumped. And it fell right down mid-wall!

Badabing kaplonk kaboom! And it bounced right into the drain. Haha!

And it took him/her a long minute to get back up and shake its body dry.

And then it looked around, slowly sat down, and… acted like nothing happened. (At this point, it almost sounds like a nursery rhyme, doesn’t it? hehe Me farny!)

Sailorsim says cats need good street credential too, regardless they've used up their 9 lives or not. -_-

It was so funny. I was chuckling all the way to work.

And then catty karma came (well hey I wasn’t even laughing at it like LAUGHING AT IT. I was just laughing because it was uh… cute? I rweally thought and I was about to change my mind that, of all things, cats can be cute too! HONEST! *pout*)


So this tiny boy came into the office in the afternoon with a cat (that apparently costs 3 frigging k!) in hand. This manager picked the boy up on one hand, and the cat on the other, and came right to me, and shoved it to my face (uh, I was too engrossed in spreading the joy telling the cat story. -__-)

O_o So I freaked out!

Then THAT WAS IT. The boy, being the FIRST CLASS BRAT that he is, kept running back to me wanting to throw the damn cat at ME. T_T

I was scrambling for my dear life on my swivel chair, trying to grab on everything that I could and clung on to my dear life, screaming and shouting like a girl! Oh wait… I am a girl! -_- Anyway, GAHHHHHHH! T______T (no, Theva, this is not for you to fill in the blank)

And the most unbelievable thing actually happened: Malaysians, well known for their "kind and helpfulness" that the government is so proud to proclaim, were just sitting back, laughing and watching another fellow countryman being tormented! Despite my ed was telling them how phobic I am towards cats! Can you believe that?!!! >(

No one cared. I don’t feel loved. I is scared. *quiver*

T____T So kesian me…. good thing my ed still have a tiny little heart, and kept picking up the cat whenever the boy threw the cat down/at me or when he let slip the frigging cat next to my chair. (3k for him to torment a human AND an animal!) T__________T (No. Don't. Fill. In. Blanks)

I thought children are supposed to be angelic? Why are they like that??? Why is THIS one like that??? Why is he so evil??? Don't parents teach manners??? Don’t people understand what is phobia??? And I’m an Ailurophobe. Have I not made this clear enough? My bad if I haven’t. Well here you go:

Ailurophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of cats which produces an undue anxiety reaction even though sufferers realize their fear is irrational.

From the Greek "ailouros" (cat) and "phobos" (fear). Alternate spellings: "Aelurophobia," "elurophobia." The Greek word "ailourous" has also given us the English word "Ailuroidea," a zoological term for a group of carnivorous animals including cats, hyenas and civets.

And just so you won’t go around, laugh, and taunt poor souls, these fears exist too.


This is definitely gaining an entry into my “The Most Undignified Day In My Life” category... OK, beside this one. -_-

It’s not funny anymore. I want my bouncer =’(


essie-chan said...

Kids are evil these days.

First class brats make Napoleon Bonaparte look like a sissy boy who pees in his panties.

That's NORMAL.

So if your kid is ACTUALLY well-behaved (ohmafishyguava!) then congratulations, you are a seriously good parent. I'm serious. Because these days, it's like... all kids are born evil, so if you can raise a kid that does not turn into a rabid killing machine/ screeching warlock/ cannibalistic chewer / Chewbacca who turned to the Dark side/ Darth Maul/ Nurin's killer / Violence loving/ Anarchy T-shirt wearing kid/ Money-burning monsters/ Tantrum-possessed delinquents etc.etc.etc.etc.

You deserve a gold medal. And so much more.

Leishia J said...