Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And It's Holiday Again!

How time zips T_T

I haven’t even cleared the laundry from last weekend’s trip, let alone blog, and we are bound for another half-week long holiday cum balik kampung trip again. *I hate laundry! Grrr*

And I’m still as clueless as I was the last post as far as new template is concerned. Life is seriously evolving too fast for me to cope. Le sigh.

But the Penang trip was a blast though! We had the mostest kick-asses Indian meal there (reckon they bubuh ganja? Hmmm). But it seriously was really good! It’s at this Little India area, a corner restaurant by the name Sri Anandha… or something; but you can’t miss it. It’s the most happening place in the entire Little India!

We stayed over at Jason’s brother’s place - a quaint little bungalow with an extended lot of garage-turned-abode living space - which was where we put up in. And it was really cool because the entire house is resting on a big patch of grass, and it’s connected to the church - a little door opening at the backyard which sends you straight to the church!

Haha! So cool right? No more driving for 40 minutes to reach church! Just wake up 10 minutes before service starts, get dressed, and walk over! Oh, Jason’s brother is pastoring the said church, so it’s like a pastor’s abode thing. Hehe! So cool!

We didn’t visit many places, but we managed to meet a lot of nice people. So yeah, that made it up. We did, however, made sure we tried the few “famous” Penang food, like keoy teow, assam laksa, oh the glorious Indian food! and… uh… yeah, that’s it lol.

You know the thing about people keep saying how cheap it is to eat there and stuff, I now understand why it’s so cheap -_-. It has nothing to do with the standard and cost of living there. The portion is just simply smaller, like for sampling purposes sorta small; so if you order the “big” keoy teow, it means you’re getting the normal, human portion you’d get here. But OK, still, it’s like 50 cents to 1 buck cheaper than KL lah! So the upside is, you get to sample more food in one sitting! So, yeah still it’s cool. I guess. Hehe. (Hint: don’t expect too much of the hawker’s customer service. There’s virtually 50% none.)

This Deepavali holiday we’re off to Melaka for thosai and curry! I hope you’ll get your good portion of these yummies too! Happy Deepavali! :)

… now back to my laundry and ironing T__T


.:dewgem:. said...

oi girl!

how are you la?

somehow stumble upon your blog again and it's been ages since I've last read it. :)

Our yum cha session still haven't become a reality yet >.<

my blog changed to

got time come visit la :)

Jared said...

aunty leishia, if you had ur meal in penang, it was probably drugged. how i know is cause i'm from there. and obviously i do look lik a druggy. so tat explains why ya.

ps:u shud have gone to Bangkok Lane to try the mee mamak there. it's like the best.

Leishia J said...

dewgem: hey! ur really back for good! and with a new blog no less! double yay for that! :D yeah lah! our yumcha thing tak jadiness! some more end of year alot of travelling and activities taking place... but i'll bug u till we get to go out! hehe take care yo!

jared: boy-boy jared, thanks for the statement, that sure explains everything!

and ps, u should've told me earlier that the mee mamak there is like the best! then i can go there i get drugged mah! boo lah u!