Wednesday, December 26, 2007

10 Reasons Why My Christmas Was Awesome

Even though no one give me PSP or DS Lite or Digicam or Nokia phone or angpow

/ SanFran staff are so cool! This waiter right, he made me a LARGE frappucino WITH whipped cream even though I use a seriously tattered redemption card, saying, “is large with whipped cream okay? It’s free anyway *wink*” Awww!

/ The same waiter, when clearing up the table for me, gave me a redemption card left behind by other customers (with stamps on ady!)! Yes, yes, I know, I’m a suckah for free caffeine! Thank you Mid Valley SanFran Waiter!

BTW, why oh why you people are so big fan of Setarbug? SanFran’s the way to go peeps! Lemme tell you why SanFran is wayyyy worthy of your hard earned money *business secret shhh* An ice blended in Setarbug is ice plus coffee equals ice blended. An ice blended in SanFran is frozen coffee plus coffee equals ICE BLENDED. It’s a full cup of REAL, 100%, no joke Caffeine peaple!!! Haiks, Setarbug is really overrated.

Le sigh. OK lah, I give chance to those of you who DIDN’T give me Christmas gift. Treat me to SanFran pweaaaaseeeee? T______________T

/ I bought myself “Marley & Me”!!!!! SUPER AWESOME!

/ The Christmas play went on without glitches! Thank God! And every one of you were soooo awesome! Although most of the times I was just standing around and taking up space, but I feel so honoured to be part of the space team! You guys are truly awesome! I’m so proud of you, you, you, you, all of you! (Cis, like I’m so old liddat!) Oh, oh! And Dohny actually said he counted AT LEAST 5 people cried during the play leh!!!! *beams*

/ I watched Powerpuff girls live on stage in Pyramid! HAHAHAHAHA So cool. Jason and I were sitting amongst the erm…. 2 years old and up and cheering like mad. -_- And then this little girl right, she squished past the both of us screaming “Scuse meeeee” -____- Chey, like she very small size! OK lah, smaller size than us, but no other place to walk meh?! Hmhp! At times like this, having a baby in hand is really very, very useful.

/ SaSa’s constant hug spree and telling me I looked “gorgeous” on Christmas day. OK, maybe it’s just the top that I was wearing but hey! Having been walking around with a huge pimple on my forehead and being laughed at for the past 3 days was enough to make me feel anything but nice, hokay! So SaSa, you have no idea how much I appreciated that. T__T *BIG HUGGIE*

/ Jason’s surprise dinner! He cooked! Siap dengan tea lights, music, and food presentation dance. LOLLL That made me laughed silly! Thanks dear! Oh! And he did all the dishes! *hearts* and my grandma upon learning from Jason that he was going to cook me dinner, she was so excited (she actually spoiled the surprise for him by telling me! lol) that she put aside some of the food she cooked for dinner for us to bring home to. Konon to help him save time. LoL.

/ Those little gifts I get! The Yip sibling’s junk food bag. Peiling’s Christmassy handmade bookmarks. Dohny’s half moons black and white magnetic key chains. Essie’s Kisses. LiJen’s *real* kisses (no lah, I don’t want to tarnish your name lah. She only made that smooooch sound close to my cheek only lahhh). Candy canes from someone… I forgot who… sowee.

I really want to personally make or buy some meaningful gifts for you guys or at least wrap nicely, last time I really very semangat wan, and then I aged was too swamped this year that I have no time to sit down and make something nice. Le sigh. And I had to resort to chocolate sticks tied with tiny ribbons. I know, very kiamsiap bit of ribbon because I didn’t have time to go and look for real, cool ribbons. My Christmas gift shopping was done on Christmas eve afternoon so go figure. If you saw a mad woman with frayed hair and clothes running amok in Sunway Pyramid on Monday afternoon, yes, that’s me. =_=

/ The most unimaginable thing happened. I actually got a token in the form of a pay check from my boss! My company! T__T My boss when giving me the check said, “nah, leishia, here’s for you, quickly go bank in for your Christmas shopping!” Can you imagine that?! That coming from a company that doesn’t know the meaning of “bonus” and the word “reward” doesn’t exist in their dictionary! Can you imagine that?! God is really, really wonderful!

/ And the bestest gift of all times - Jesus; born for me, died for me, providing for me, protecting me, blessing me, taking care of me, casting out my fears, walking with me, being mocked at for me, encouraging me on, believing that I can, and loving me. Twas the day He was born for me. Not Santa Clause -_-.

I hope your Christmas kicked super ass too! And that your gift list includes Jesus. Merry Christmas! :)


ling said...

i cant believe u were there! i was there too, watching the powerpuffs! LOL. was there from 1pm - 4pm :p

ellejay said...

Ah. Hahahahahaha. You're welcome you chocolate giving woman-girl-lady! :)

mf said...

hey leisha, just drop by to wish you a merry belated christmas and have a jolly wonderful year 2008! =)

Anonymous said...

i have got that book too!

left me crying at the end......

chelsftsasa(: said...

see! my huggies do come in handdie(:
haha,mine & chels bloggie
haha, u nvr hug me yet><
i am on a HUGGIE RUSH(:

Leishia J said...

lol u were there too? ahh as fate would have it, we never bumped into each other (cos i was having another 3 scoops of baskin robbin's goodness! nyahaha)!

erm, so now i am erm, evolved into a woman-girl-lady speciment... sounds kinda... erm... freaky, no?

heya sam! thanks so much for the well wishes! same goes to u and the gang too! :D

oh dear! i'm more than half thru the book already, savouring every moment of marley's growth, and i'm going slower and slower bcos... really, i dont want to come to marley's sunset years :(

yes, ur huggies DO come in handy! so keep 'em going! u'll never know when u'll make someone's day! *huggies*