Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deltaboo Is Happy! Weee

The word is plagiarising, Deltaboo knows.

But Deltaboo can’t resist it! She must Ctrl C and Ctrl V it here to show all you Autonots!

Ahh~ How her heart skip in glee just by looking at the picture! So pweety macho right?!



[Heart stopping, life TRANSFORMERing picture taken from the fantabulous Karen Cheng’s site]


vic said...

wah...nobody comment yet ar?
then i shall say something totally unrelated to the post FIRST! heheh..
MERRY CHRISTMAS, aunty aunty & uncle uncle! >D

Anonymous said...

Hi L--Happy Holidays to you and yours (smile)!

Leishia J said...

vicky: lol u ah! thank you thank you! same to you too, merry christmas future aunty aunty! >D

frank: hey there! thanks!!! I hope u have a good one too! ;)