Wednesday, December 12, 2007

5 Christmas Gift Ideas. No, Seriously.

Oh boy oh boy! Christmas is here reallll soon! I can almost smell the ginger bread and feel the tingling on my nose tip from the frost and snow! Except… there’s no snow in Malaysia. Bummer.

But hey Christmas is here!!! :)

If I am not such a procrastinator, here’s what I’d do for you…

> A bouquet of chocolates! OK, actually I normally use this for birthdays, but who says you can’t enjoy chocolates during Christmas, eh? I love to use those brown papers used to wrap parcels for my bouquet. Just place the chocolates (in wafer sticks shape, bundled up with cellophane) in the middle of a piece of translucent rice paper (or any thin papers, coloured if you like, or none altogether). Spread a large (in proportion with the chocolates) piece of crumpled brown paper underneath the rice paper, and then wrap the chocolate bundle up as you would a bouquet of flowers. Finish off with your choice of ribbon. Tease the corners of the papers for a natural look.

And voila! My favourite gift idea!

> Buy a miniature Christmas tree and dozens of mini cards. Write all your best wishes/ messages on the cards, and then hang them up randomly across the tree. Place the tree in a mini gunny bag filled with coffee beans/M&Ms/Smarties/whatever. And then tie the bag up loosely with ribbon.

And voila! I think it’s cute! And practical too! (the M&Ms!)

> Get a stack of free postcards (those colourful advertisements in the form of postcards you can get from caf├ęs. Uh, they still have those, right? I used to collect them! They are lovely!) So what you do is, you write your Christmas message (make it real Christmassy and long winded hehe) to the intended receiver, only you write it on the postcards; so instead of 1 piece of letter pad worth of words, you probably have say, 10 postcards! After that, you tie them up with yarn/thin gunny rope/ribbon. And that’s how I tackle boys. I mean, my then-boyfriend-now-husband. Of course!

And voila! I think it’s really quaint! I love, love, LOVE receiving letters and parcels!!! PARCELSS!!!! THEY MAKE MY HEART AND STOMACH ALL EXPLOSIVE AND TINGLY AND HAPPYYYY!!!!! :D

> Get 6 plain Christmas baubles (those of “frosty textures”) of a coordinated colour theme (red/gold, gold/silver, etc), and then paint it as you wish with patterns or scribbling that both you and the receiver can identify with; in another word, personalized it. After that, get a wooden wide mouth fruit bowl or basket, create a nest and lace the base with shredded (coordinated) colour papers, and place the baubles on top.

And voila! I think it’s really… erm, Christmassy. It’s simple to make, and meaningful too!

> Here’s my favourite. Adopt a cute puppy (maltese, Labrador, golden retriever, generally all puppies work!), drape a red knitted scarf over her neck.

And voila! I seriously think tis the bestest everest idea ever! *HINT*HINT*HINTTT*

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great time gift shopping! :D

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