Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday's Funny Way Of Getting Back At Me

Sick jokes ahead. Not child friendly. If you’re under 20, please click here or here or go play with your Tamagotchi.

I was happily stuffing myself silly with a packet of nasi lemak (yes, trans fat. Kids, don’t try this at home) when the hubs called.

Hubs: Dear… I was cheated….
Me: …. What happened?
Hubs: I… was… I was cheated…
Me: Tell me lah! What happened?

(At the point in time, I thought his bosses are underpaying him and he just found out, or that he was sent to Sarawak over the weekend, just so they can scheme and overthrow him from office or… or he was scammed in some scratch and win thing… or oh! Some pretty young thing has swindled him of his money *GASP*… or something…)

Hubs: When I got married, people were telling me…

(Oh noes! He’s poetic way of telling me I haven’t been cooking enough at home! Or maybe the toilet and baths are not clean! Yikes)

Hubs:… that after one year…

(Houston! We’re hitting a rock here! Pretty young thing alert!!!)

Hubs: your love for each other will slowly and surely fade, but why…
Me: Blardy Hugh! You’re reciting this for me to blog about isit?! >(
Hubs: whyIstillloveyousomuchah? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love you lah! Buh bye!



And then just after I’ve recovered from the shock my hubs’ brand of humour, I tried resuming act of stuffing eating. And then my ed decided to be real farny... Le sigh, it's only Monday, people. T_T

Ed: Eh, Leishia, you know the brand Benova? B.E.N.O.V.A
Me: Heard about it. Why ah?
Ed: I wonder what they sell…
Me: Uh, furniture. I think
Ed: Really? Hmm. I think they sell porn.
Me: O_o Har?
Ed: Yeah, cos the name of the brand read ben ova. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

*Walks off laughing at his own joke*


I’ve lost interest in my nasi lemak ady lah! *fumesmumblemumble*


abby's mummy said...

oii, newlyweds...!enough "sai meng" already larr...

essie-chan said...


In order to preserve the peace in my house because it's almost midnight and I'm reading this,

I am straining myself not to laugh.

Hence a very constipated expression.

No seriously. XD WAAAAHHH this uncle-uncle!! People eating la wei! lol but that was so shweet.

. . . Proof that copywriting needs a lot more brains. Benova. AHAHAHAA Now I shall find that brand, JUST to laugh at it! And purposely bend over for no apparant reason in, out and around the shop.

"Hah? But your sign said bend over what... Owh, solly arh, mai englist not belli gud lorrr"

Leishia J said...

LOLLL can't resist it!!!!

eh!!! lil girl! dun simply... erm, bend over lah!!!! X_x joh!!!!

essie-chan said...

Keep dropping those handy-dandy Ikea pencils yaknow?

Like the dumb French maid robot in Pluto Nash.

*walk 2 steps, drop pencil* Oops! *bends over to pick up*

**Repeat process**