Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Die Another Day

I’ve been wanting to kill my blog for the longest time. The time is……….... not now yet. Hehehe.

OK, lame. -_- lol

But seriously, I’ve been contemplating these murderous thoughts on and off. But every time I just have no heart to do it. And today, just as I was about to click the delete button (OK, not so drama lah, I was just thinking to post a good bye note or something. OMG Where’s befrienders??? I’m suicidal! +_+), I saw the stats on nuffnang’s nifty trackie, and I saw the referrals, I saw the statistics, I saw the key word search (really, I’ve got jokers coming to my blog looking for, amongst others, undressed aunties -_____- joh! you can kill me already lah T__T!!!), and it was as if I saw my whole life flashed past in my face. And I thought, hey, let’s press on a little bit more. Just a little bit more.

And so here I am. Pressing on. Writing another post. Contributing a little bit more to the sound pollution of the net, but all for the love of you people, my dearest readers.

… I cannot be anymore lamer, I know!!! x) Ever since making friends with the youth peeps, my lame-o-meter has risen I’ve been using emoticons that I’ve never used in my entire teenage life -_-. But I must say my favourite has got to be these -> -_- and T_T and =.= So frigging old school right?! They paint the perfectest picture, evah!

So yeah, anyway, I digress.

Oh dear! Can you believe the year’s coming to an end?! Like, an END end! This December month is particularly the craziest month ever happened to me. Not like I’m key persons or anything, but man I’m so swamped and pressed, I really don’t know how to cope! X_x

Stress and I just won’t make it together. Really. It usually breaks me more than make me.

First there’s this Christmas musical play *ahem* production thing that really got me sleepless. Like, argh… OK, I’m zipping my mouth. Besides, I wrote the script myself, and I wrote this line: Christmas is not about practices and activities! It’s about Jesus! So all I’m saying is, we are so running short, I is so sked. Period. But then, not like I’m acting or anything. Hehehe. have faith! It’ll be ass-kicking, if not great! Cos I hear these people sing, really, every time no matter how sleepy I am, my goose bumps are sticking up like kena static liddat! And when they sing the Christmas theme song (I’m not telling! You gotta come find out yourself!), I’m reduced to a puddle of tears. So, great job guys! *pats head*ruffles hair*

And then work! WORK! Designer’s taking off 25th onwards; I’m taking off 24th onwards, meaning I need to vomit all my work out by 21st. And hey, lookie! 20th is a public holiday! And today’s what? 18th? And what am I doing? But of course! *flings head backward laugh like a witch* Blogging! Of all the days I have blogger’s block, today it has to be cleared and I must be so chatty! Brilliant, darling, brilliant!

And then Christmas shopping! Yay! Everyone’s pressing the same panic button, and of course I must join the crowd! I haven’t done any sorta Christmas shopping too (except for myself! Phew!) and I think I’m gonna resort to distributing all the free/bought/souveniry key chains sitting at home. La gasp! xD That includes giving one to Jason too. La gasp gasp! HAHAHA

Yesterday morning I was at Mid Valley for the press screening of Atonement (yes, I purposely must mention the term “press screening”! Please lah, that’s one of those little things that make me feel I’ve got the greatest job on earth. T_T so just let me be hokay?), the movie was like…. sooooo sommmbre, and glummmm, and greyyyy! And emmmmo! I was determined I’ve contracted an incurable depression bug by the end of the show.

It was however, a very brilliant piece! Really. It’s just… you gotta be ready to watch this genre of movie. It just pulls you down to emoland if not careful. But, I think I’m interested to read the book. Heh. I think it’s gonna be a very good read. I imagine it to be very well written too! Maybe, one day, I’ll get to it. Books don't come cheap these days. Le sigh.

So anyway after the show, I was wondering around for an hour in the mall all gloomy and… depressed, in hope to find a gift for Jason, because dang! I suddenly realized I didn’t give any thoughts about buying a gift for my husband! -_- Yeah, I kow, terrible right? Joh, so terrible lah! Tsk.

So I walked for an hour, and I couldn’t find anything! And I couldn’t think of anything, because hey, my brain's dead! And I became even more depressed. And then there’s this rebuttal letter which I had to write to a client. I totally hate it! I think I don’t cut it for business lah. Haiks…

See?! What did I tell you about Mondays huh huh huh?!!!

OK, I think I’ve forgotten why I started this post…………..
Oh right!!! Because I’m trying to evade work but I’m in desperate need to act busy =D


ling said...

i think everyday is christmas in the giving sense for a husband and wife/couple/bf/gf. =) of course u need to pamper each other n surprise each other lah, but i think the best gift is always an evening (or night or morning or afternoon la!) with each other over a cuppa. =)

btw, why u wanna kill ur blog la?? i'm the first to object! cis!

Leishia J said...

OMG! ur speed to comment is amazing! I'm so touched! T____T see, more reasons not to kill blog! haha! yay! i is loved. *hugs self*

u think? the whole cuppa thing works? but he doesnt enjoy branded cuppas. so maybe i should bring him to da zhong foodcourt for kopi-o. same also right? =p ur a genius!

essie-chan said...

Ohhh baby, I know what it's like to hack, gag, stick your finger into your throat and push your esophagus to throw up and then dig deep into your windpipes, choke, get a nosebleed and roll on the floor dying with nobody to help at all situation.

Just to get work done.

To zero gratification. That is, IF you're lucky and the boss decides not to kill you just for the heck of it.

=___= And juuuuuuuuuuust when you think : OHKAY-DOKAYS Lets sit a-down and work-a out some crappeh.


But unfortunately you've got all the inspiration for the WRONG topic.

DANG!!! -insert ancient gaul curse words-

*this space is where smartass latin phrases go*, meaning... That's Life.

I know sweetheart.
BUT ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!! AHMAFISHYGUAVAJOHHHH!!! *cue leishia going -____- *

I know darling.

I weep with you. I truly do.


Sing Christmas Carols. In several different versions.
Like this:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owK5tHjL0aE

I guess the only consolation you can give yourself is you'll get your moment of respite soon.

Or at least, you BETTER GET IT, or there will be HELL TO PAY to whoever stops you. That's right, chin up, deep breath, and gimme a big scary ROOOAAAAR*!!!

* NOTE: Please do not literally do that in the office or in any public area, thank you. I wash my hands of this, since I warned you. XD

Alvin said...

eh don't lar kill your blog. Your blog is my source of lamo frenny (term coined by joining both the words "funny" and friendly") inspiration wei.I command you NOT to kill your blog, listen to me, you peasant.

Talking about christmas shopping? DOn't even mention it, i never even have the TIME TO FREAKING attempt to go to a frigging shopping mall..okay i really gotta take a chill pill or something..but wait..it's only 6 days away..........ARGGHHHH...

i'm off from 24th which means gotta finish all my DEADlines by 21st too. Life is a bit sucky right now, pretty much like yours...haih..why..why..

i think i need to chill just a bit...

*sipping starbucks*

life is fair....againn..for the next 5 minutes...

Leishia J said...

essie, i think you are very, highly high on sugar... that or stress. breathe now breathe ~_~

wei! u need to come over here and remind me that "it's only 6 days away!!!" anot ah? T___T whyyy???? *pulls hair*

and... lamo frenny? my blog gives u lame, funny, and friendly but LAME inspiration? =__= (don't hold me back!) KILL THE BLOG NOW!!!!!!!!