Friday, February 15, 2008

March 8: Have You Registered?

poster taken from get-an-mp

Do you not know, that where a single party, or person, controls 2/3 or more of Parliament, there is no longer any protection from the Constitution? That 2/3 is all that is needed to amend, change, delete the provisions therein, and then it will be the highest law in the land… For there is no one in Parliament who can keep this from
happening, who can help us.

Our YB’s - no matter how responsible/honest/principled/well-meaning
they are (if they are) - they are bound by Party Discipline, they can only
vote along party lines or face severe personal and political repercussions.

They do not dare to speak out. They will not speak out.

And those that do, the few courageous, and the few Oppositions…their small voices are washed out by the sheer number of those that mock, ridicule, ignore, eject, suspend, criticize, judge, sue, imprison - with impunity.

Abby's Mummy

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