Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Friends That'll Do You Good. I'm Serious.

Life’s always more bearable with friends who helps you to set things straight,

J-Boo: http://food.yahoo.com/blog/beautyeats/25276/the-6-big-sleep-busters
J-Boo: Just when I thought I want to go tapau coffee T__T
Sailorsim: Bah! Tomorrow no work wut!
Sailorsim: No sleep mah no sleep loh!!!
J-Boo: LOL Did I ever tell you I love love love your life philosophies???
Sailorsim: Yes, you might have.
Sailorsim: But feel free to worship me again
Sailorsim: *pose*
J-Boo: -________-

But of course. Until they got carried away =.='

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sailorsim said...

what the...? how come no one comment wan! *fantoi* where are my worshippers!? it's all your fault! *kickscreamwhine*