Friday, February 22, 2008

There's Always A Bye-Bye Somewhere

OK chill. I haven’t turned this blog into some socio political one, neither am I dipping my foot into the politics. It’s the election season and everyone’s digging out their tricks and antics to woo you over to their camp. My job, and I assume yours too, is not to preach which camp is better and which is not, because either way they are equally bad that I’ll leave it to your own good judgement; rather I just want to do my part in spreading the real pictures about the state of our country this time of the year. Maklumlah, our news are so filtered, I don’t see how useful the newspapers are other than to wrap fish. >(

Yeah yeah I noticed what a mean butch beast I’ve turned into but I’m just really angry! For all the blatant lies our so called leaders are feeding us with, and all the threats they so freely throwing at us, and the chemical laced water and tear gasses they so generously shoot us with at anytime they want, even in the presence of children! And they detained an 11- year-old girl who just wanted to present roses to (gargh! I’m really tempted to call him by his net nick!) the PM! Urgh! (I've lost most of the links I want to link up here, malas mau re-research, but you can verify what I'm saying by googling 'em. You'll get plenty of returns.)

And then come election, use (our tax) money, mandarin oranges, and plastic smiles to buy the people’s vote. Oh and suddenly they spearhead nothing but education and education is of utmost importance and hey here’s an allocation of education fund by the thousands (which we’ll never give you if it’s not for GE!), take it to raise up the lil ‘uns. Let’s not even go the house of worships department, if you know what I’m saying!

And you know what’s the best thing? People buy it! People actually buy those candies! I mean, sure, candies are put before your eyes, takkan don’t eat right? But after you suck on them and get all sugar-high, and then what? Nothing but decaying tooth!

Joh! So angry lah! >(((

So angry because I now know the truth. Do you?


My to-do list at work and other commitment is getting a little bit out of hand. There’s 2 types of workers, either they make or break under pressure. If you haven’t notice, I’m of the latter category T_T I’ll need to constantly remind myself and tell myself "ok, leishia, this' not the end of the world; everything can be done under proper planning. So plan." So I’ll sit down and breathe (no kidding) and meditatively take out a pen and my organizer (which will never last more than 4 months before you see papers of all sizes being strewn across the table), and started listing down what needs my attention, and then prioritize them by numbering. On an average good day, my world will only come to an end by the 4th hour.


Sent a baby girl off yesterday. Everyone cried her a river :’(

Hey you,

I don’t know why lah can be so emo even though knowing you’ll be back like in 10 months time or so, and besides, not like we’ve known each other for ages right? But replying your sms in the car also made me cried. I was seriously on a roll =.= But the fact that we haven’t been friends for long doesn’t mean this baby friendship means nothing (to me lah), it’s really an honour for me to have a friend like you, you’re just so…. Gladys! You know, a little ditsy, a little duh, a little girly, a little boyish, but a lot of joy and positive vibes. Thanks for rubbing some off to me :) Take care now and send my regards to your mom (yes! I transcend generations!) and BLOG lah woman please! Zzz.


Chinese New Year has ended. Officially.

*emo kau kau*



ellejay said...

You and your kind-of-not-really gov bashing posts. Haha...

Eh. You ar. Fever still come! Of course, (let me have my selfish moment) I was so happy! But you probably couldn't see it on my face right then or what. And. Aih.
My words are getting fewer and fewer as the days pass! But I'll try my best to amend that or no posts will get up!

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ur turn! lol

wei hows it going over the great land of oz?!