Monday, March 03, 2008

That Whole Orgasmic Slurp

Life can be real cruel when it deals you the shittiest project at work. When a seemingly long, never-ending day finally came to an end and you're homeward bound, all you wanted is, really, just a bed.

But when you remember that cup of leftover San Francisco Mocha Extreme needed some loving when you stepped in your house, and you instinctively dragged your aching feet to the fridge and reached into then cold, cold box for it, a smile broke across your tighten facial muscles and you take a long, lusty suck on the chewed straw from the previous night, and suddenly, as if you've gotten a current jolt, you exclaimed "life is good again!!!" and you slumped right onto the couch and let enveloped by the cottony cushion.

Ah yes, life is really good again.

p/s speaking of which, starbucks has got really sexy caramel hot chocolate! Like drinking cookie dough :)

Signing out from starbucks. Ta.


essie-chan said...

XD ohmygosh you sound like a little kiddie!!! I can so imagine this!!!

Little Leishia with pigtails and everything: Mommy mommy I had the worst day in my whooooooooooole life I dropped my lunchbox and the bun fell on the floor then some big boy squished it and then I went to toilet and cry but then some girl kept kicking the toilet I was in so I had to come out and they laughed at me and I was so sad and hungry I went to the classroom and slept and then I got scolded *blah blah blah*

Mommy: *gives Leishia ice-cream*

Leishia: =D But today is the best day of my life. *lick lick*

hahahhahaa but you're right man. Sometimes the littlest things make it all better.

Don'cha luuuuuuurve coffee? =)

leishia said...

loll u ah!

oh man i woof woof woof coffee!!!! YUMMO! *caffeinated goofy giggles*