Monday, March 17, 2008

Making Random Waves

LOL so dumb lah the cat! Nicely summarising our Cat & Dog seminar over the weekend! Kill the cat be the dog! HAHAHA I like!


So I had a bit of omg-my-life-has-come-to-an-end-lets-cry-my-balls-eye-balls-out moment over the weekend. But thank God for that, I’ve FINALLY put off my procrastinator habit and went for a much needed perm and colour (and then I put it back on again -_-)!

After like, 3 long years. omg I missed those curls T__T! You simply have no idea how my life quality dropped when I did a stupid thing in the name of rebonding T__T I looked like…. nothing. I’ve been reduced to NO.THING and I was a few hundred bucks poorer. And traumatised. And 2D. For one year.


So the waves are back baby! *big goofy smile*

OK, bimbo talks aside, this blog shall return to its random-self again now that the whole political awareness campaign *ahem* dramatic episode is settling down (I sure hope! Unless some goblok rakyat rep do or say something stupid and make me angwee, I’ll switch mode >( Take this as a warning! *squint eyes wrinkle forehead thump heart*)

I’m so happy for my curls! Now I just need to wash it out a bit to de-tense the curls. Oh curls I love curls! *_*

Next! Sweep-shop all the malls! lol I kid I kid my dear husband! haha


-___- my himbo colleague just came and asked me if that shit stain in the toilet was done by me =__________=


… ok lah. I really don’t know what “proper post” means already (the random queen has returned. Yay.) Time for shopping work T__T

Ta for now lah.


Alvin said...

the real mccoy is finally back with her own brand of siowness and randomness...wheeeeeeee......

all hail queen of drama-rama..*bow head*

doh nie said...

Haha! I love that picture!
I copied it liao! I think I'll use it for my msn pic! *hee...*

leishia said...

yes. for thy queen still reigns with utmost dignity blabber blabber blabber. hehe

doh nie:
lol -_-

essie-chan said...

poor cat.

*falls asleep*


and its noon lol