Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When In Doubt, Take A Chill Pill (Update)

Just after I’ve blogged the previous post last night from some kopitiam, we reached home just in time to receive 2 SMSes of the same content - that the Perak Sultan had chosen a Chinese MB and that the Pas are protesting violently. Please pray.

I mean, yes lets pray. But hey, chill first, will y’all? This piece of news is not even valid news! So please stop forwarding this sort of SMSes before confirming its authenticity, and create unnecessary scare in people. If you need any sort of reference, you have Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today - both a reliable source, the same I wouldn’t say about our local newspapers though :/ but oh well they are still a source of news, no matter how skewed, so by all means, check with them, too!

Stop instilling fear in the people at sensitive times like this. Instead, give our newly elected representatives some time to sort things out (when you're entrusted with a new project in your company, you'll want your colleagues and bosses to give you time, right?), trust in the wisdom of the states’ rulers, and above all else, have faith in God!

So what lah if Perak puts a Malay MB? If that’s stated in the law, and by doing so will make the people feel better, then so be it!

And so what if Perak puts a Chinese or Indian for an MB? Should the Chinese and Indian community feel more superior over it? Or should our Malay friends feel threatened by it? ? Don’t forget no matter if you’re an MB or DMB or CM or DCM, you are still very much accountable to the people. You’re NOT the boss.

The point here is, as long as one can govern with utmost integrity and take care of the people’s welfare, what difference does our skin colour matter? And besides, have you forgotten why you voted for them in the first place? Because we don’t want to be segregated according to our race anymore! We all want to be a Malaysian in its truest sense for once! So try to ditch that racial mentality already and look at the big picture!

I’m just so mad to see all these hearsays flying around, and to add on to that, our friends in BN and the media are really rubbing it in, showing power, giving their useless 2 cents that intends to spur nothing but unrest and fear in the people, and to make us regret voting for the oppositions. (-_- eh, please lah, we are not stupid ok?)

For one the oppositions are not crazy people that go around bullying the rakyat and eat up small children. They are just everyday, normal family men and women that are passionate about fighting for the people’s right. The difference between us and them is, they put their passion into action and go out to the field and fight. So the least we can do is to discern the rights from the wrongs and give our support wisely!

Ok. I’m getting really naggy. But that’s only because I’m so angry! >(

We’ve come this far since 8th March 2008, let us all keep our heads up, hold our patience high, see and digest news and things maturely, exercise self control, and most importantly, remember your CHILL PILL, DUDE! =)

/shameless caffeine endorsement starts/

Ahhh~ San Francisco Mocha Extreme. Life is good again. <3>

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Adino said...

I agree. Now that I think about it, the SMS suspiciously looks like it was crafted to divide, and cause discontent.