Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blast From Past



Check ‘em out. My boys all grown up! *tears* lol so cool lah. I have like, most of their albums I think. I would saved up all my money, and then on Sunday, after dinner at Chan Kee, dad would usually bring us either to the then Taman Tun Jaya Jusco or the Damansara Parkson/Atria - the most happening places in the whole wide PJ! And then I would run all the way to the music department, and then ooh-ed and ahh-ed at those NKOTB and Debbie Gibson albums, and then hyperventilate and die and then hyperventilate some more. Yeah, so old-school fans style right?! My biggest dilemma then was to decide to put my money on which album, but that depended on what free gifts that came with the cassette. I *think* I still have that huge ass NKOTB poster somewhere. And that poster file, oh and that calendar! And the stickers, and then there’s another poster…

I learnt how to sing from them wan you know! Step 1! You can have lotsa fun! Step 2! There’s so much we can do! Step 3! It’s just you and me! Step 4! I can give you more! Step 5! Don’t you know that the time has arrived~~~ Hooh!

Joh I’m so shameless x_x


For those of you who smsed me sending your condolences ( O.o what the?!) in regard my previous post about the record button, uh, thank you. I actually do really appreciate your concern, but you all very canggih lah, instead of leaving comment (free!), SMS pulak -_- but thank you lah, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I read those smses, only to be followed by a sudden panic attack because I was being reminded about the record button. T__T


Life has been a little all over the place lately, have been sticking my hands in various so-called projects, both at work and off work.

Important woman at work. Agree or die >(

We are moving end of this month! And we haven’t even started packing yet! But we should have like 3 main holiday trips this year! W00ts! Wait, later have to go jot it down in my planner, just so to syiok sendiri :D

Surprised dinner!

Bye bye Bangi! It was good while it lasts.

Oh last week we went to JB! And I bought this lovely cocktail dress which I so love. But alas, Jason threatened me to sell it off or he would wear it :( that would be cool though lol. No lah. I bought it cos I really, really like it, but since I hardly wear dresses so I’m gonna sell it off and spread some love, better than keeping it in my wardrobe and grow mushroom right.

Here’s a picture of it, very blur, sorry, the days of my camera are numbered (hello new camera!).

Remind me of the Flintstones

The versatile dress is of a classy royal blue; super soft and light weight yet slinks perfectly; it fits beautifully and you can see the drapes and cuts as you move without looking over-expose, or slutty -_-. Super comfortable too! I love the dress T_T le sigh. It’s brought in from Hong Kong in limited quantity (I was told that they only brought in one piece lah but lets just take it with a pinch of salt). I’m letting it go at RM80.00. T_T I think retail price is around RM129.90 or higher.

If you’re interested let me know, I’ll show it to you, but if you’re outstation or whatever, I’ll get my photog to take better and more detailed pictures for you.


I had a lot in mind to write here but whaddayanoe, I forgot. Heh. oh yeah! I got a voucher to a spa session and I gave it to Jason and then he approved my spending for spas now on, provided I bring him along =_= haha.


It’s been a while. How have you been? :)

Polly says hi.


ellejay said...

I don't know their songs leh. Half a generation gap lol! But I think they're so much prettier now! Grown up indeed.
And your dress so pretty la wei! SO PRETTY!

essie-chan said...


A familiar picture!!!

And why are you selling off that beauty of a dress!!!! >(




And a whole myriad of other extreme high-tech sounding words!!!

Don't be silly. We must chat over that dress.

It's too nice to give up.

And I volunteer now to be the photographer for Jason modeling in your dress. HAHAHA I'll bring a wind machine and everything.

leishia said...

T_T ur making me more ng seh tak with the dress! so nice right? sigh.

lol yes, let's chat. oh and i love the idea of a wind machine and everything!