Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Record Button Was Friggin' Pushed Damnit!

I am so dead. -_-

So dead -_-

I was the stand-in video-man at an event my company organized.

Long story cut short.

The part where the VIP spoke (the one where I killed my arm by sticking it up holding the camera) plus the launch where they dramatically dropped the huge ass black cloth?

Yeah. It’s not in the video. Like, NOT FRIGGING RECORDED. O_o

I swear I recorded it. I mean, how would you explain my dead arm, right? My arm is now limp, dead, de-oxygenized, and yeah, the shade of purple. -_- Good thing I'm a left hander

But I’m dead, regardless, be it left or purple. -_-

I’m. so. dead. =_=

Can send me a template for resignation letter? :(


Young People's Fellowship said...

ei you okay or not?..that bad mer?

come work with me lar then?...hahaa

Young People's Fellowship said...

sory i'm alvin..never sign out..from the website..hehehe


leishia said...

ur hiring?! but... ur job is.... to climb cranes wan woh... x_x i afraid of heights, plus i'm not so versatile lah, oh and i'm afraid of cats!