Monday, April 14, 2008

I Think I Didn't Really Answer The Question...

McD Brekkie kicked my ass. Burp.


Hi Peiling! *flashes biggest smile* Here’s your tag… for Chinese New Year =D I was thinking maybe I should keep the tag for next year’s CNY, but then again, maybe not. Hehe. Cute photo subjects shouldn’t be kept waiting.

So Ling says,

1. You must take photos with a Chinese New Year theme (somewhat like a photo essay).
The photos cannot be posed for.
2. It can contain living or non-living things, anything lah.
3. Must have some quality a bit lah, cannot simply snap pics of red packets, mandarin oranges or something. Precious moments during family chats/dinners is one example.
4. Minimum ten photos. Uh, a bit cannot lah. One can ah?
5. Post your bloglink here and link this post after you have blogged it.
6. It has to be blogged latest Feb 21 (last day of CNY). - WOOPSIES.
7. Lasty, spread the word (don’t forget to post the links here and link this post)! Let’s all have fun snapping away!

There. The picture was taken during CNY obviously, the bunch of us cousins were hanging out over tea while Polly was caught scheming how to reach *that* bebola merah hanging on those pussy willows by either jumping or begging. Either way, she was no where near success. If you haven’t noticed, it was a reflected image of us and Polly on a huge ass mirror we have at home. Why am I explaining the obvious? -_-

So anyway complying with rule number 7, I’m supposed to spread the word but since CNY is like, way over, let me invent a new theme for you snappy-happy people.

My favouritest shopping place McD Brekkie SPREADING LOVE IS THE NEW BLACK

Do whatever you want and express the theme through photos. Uh, the general rules are based on Peiling’s lah! When you’re done, drop me the link in my comment box to make me happy!

Let’s get the love spread-ed by:

Vicky (more reasons for you to snap and blog!)
Jap (I brewed the love, it’s now the time you spread the love)
Cerlyn (take it as a practice to hone your photog skills lah)
Donny (uh, donny… tsk, what can I say? Start a blog already. Zzz. You're the only one I can't hyperlink to =.=')
Ming Yan & Esther! (Because you guys are semi pros and ought to be... not so grey)
Alvin Boey! (Erm, you like to take lame photos of yourself right?)
And uh, consider yourself tagged lah! :


vic said...

swt. kena tagged left right centre..ok la, i try to rejumpstart my unused brain to figure out your uber-susah theme just for leishia jie jie la ya.. :P

Alvin said...

eh, so hard lar the theme..aiyor..u high class Poser King also must scractched head..

dateline when ar?

essie-chan said...

I did it.

But I warped the rules harharhar

But I did it anyways. Yeah!

Heeeeere it iiiiiis!

And off you go!

orangejuicejunkie said...

I've been tagged!! **is so happi~~!**
my first photo-tag sorta!

xP i'll definitely do it...but it might take a be patient...thanks for tagging! ^^

Dohnie said...

Joh, how lar? I hardly ambik gambar oso...
K, must start blog edi when my new lappy arrives! Wheeeeee... soh eggxited!!!