Friday, April 18, 2008

Of Getting Lost (Esp On Malaysian Roads) & Found

Just a simple thought I’d like to keep here as a self-reminder or sort. A thought which came to me some really long time ago, and then it keeps coming back again, and again, and again. Yeah, a reminder.

In less than half a month’s time I’ll be moving out from where I am living now, that means no more “long distance” driving to and fro work, a yay for me, definitely, but it’ll be Jason’s turn to do the long distance thing, haha.

When I drive, my mind tends to swing and sway, not in any weird way -_- but around mundane things… like, what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner ah? Ooo, nasi lemak sounds good but tsk, so fattening lah! Man I so want charp fan right now O_o! YES! I want charp fan for lunch! I want uh, cheekin (ooo naish!) and, and vinegared pork knuckle sauce oh yummy say, by the way when will I be an entrepreneur? Will I ever be one in the first place? How does it feel to work from home ah? Gee when can I execute that plan? Oh hey I love it when my ed praises me about my write up teehee! I mean who doesn’t huh? HAHAHA silly and hey my boss was really nice to me today! *paranoid* oh mannn not. good. thing! O_O

You know, THAT sorta things. One thought races to another. Try it. Really cool.

There are also times when I’m reminded of good things, of course. Good things like my baby Polly (her birthday’s this month end! Think I should throw a surprise party for her? Hehe), like Jason when he plans his trips around my schedule so that I get to follow him on short trips *hearts*! Like when my grandma cooks all the good food for us! Like the random guy on the street who sang that "...suicidal, suicidal..." song to me :*) And like this one here…

So we were on the highways to some states for Jason’s regional training sessions, and we have no idea where to exit, which turn to take, and how far it will be, just taking things as it comes. Me being the paranoid me, I’ll be so kancheong about missing the exits, having to pay hefty toll prices, having to waste all the time when in fact we could’ve taken an easier way out, and all these crazy thoughts that will drive the driver (i.e Jason) nuts (seriously I'm not so bad in real life lah, really wan! =D)

And then I realized our life is exactly like our journey on the highways to foreign places, places we are not familiar with. We KNOW our destination, We've got the BIG picture, but somehow somewhere along, we’ll miss a turning here and there because some driver prefers not to listen to the passenger! Zzz =.= We’ll lose our bearings and end up in some random place, we’ll run out of petrol and into some mechanical problems, we'll have to pay the price (i.e toll! $@#$%) for silly mistakes we make, people like me will be paranoid because I don’t see where the heck I’m going! Annoying!

My view is confined to the one right before my eyes, shielded by the windshield. No handbooks, no maps, no nothing. Just me, and the options of the left/right indicator lights, go straight anyway or U-turn (man sometimes you won't even find a U-turn! How annoying is that?!)

Only if I get to see from the sky, I would’ve gotten a clearer view of every road and where each and everyone of them will lead me to. I’ll be able to link up the dotted lines from point A to point B. It'll be peanuts!

Alas, I do not have the luxury. La vie n’est jamais comme ça. But the funny thing is, somehow no matter how lost we’d get, we tend to find the way back on track, just like how no matter where and how you hide, if God wants you there, you'll be there, sooner or later. It’s amazing no? Well I find it amazing.

We’ll go around like some hopelessly lost ants, banging up walls here and there, getting lost; not knowing exactly the directions, but God sees it from above! He knows exactly our location and bearings, to the exact dot, He knows exactly where we are headed, and the most perfect thing is, He knows how to guide us back on track (uhh, just sometimes He'll be joker and let us get lost a bit lah, because we human very the ego, we gotta get bruised before seeking help). He’s watching from the sky! We are like little battery-operated tiny lego people! He can just take us out from the scene in a snap of a finger but that’s another story for another day.

That’s life. I guess.

If only we can be less stubborn and more willing to allow Him to take over the steering wheel. Life will be so much less miserable, yes no?

I know I know I’m beating round the bush, a lil (ok, a lot lah! Somebody teach me what’s a full stop whatever buhbye =.=) and I’m not even sure I’m making my point! Joh fail lah cannot be a preacher! -_- All I’m saying is, God is in control, no matter what! And I am privileged to know that. I just hope you’re aware of that too. And just trust Him like crazy! :)

God, I gibup ady lah. Can you show me the way? Tankqiu pwease? And I'm rweally, rweally hungwee :'(

Have a good weekend people!

Yes. I'm ending my preaching abruptly. Heh. Ta!


ellejay said...

And happy birthday Pollydogwholikestoeatchickenwings.

leishia said...

ellejay in da house!!!!!!

well yeah, happy birthday to pollybabywholikestoeachchickenwingsandbones!