Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fish Feeding

It's all in a day's work

I couldn't believe I did it! :o Man, the length that I would go for work! T_T I almost died It was scary hokay!


smiley said...

lei sha!!!
rachel from church here =)
i've always wanted to try it, was it fun ?

leishia said...

leishia from church here too! hey!!! haha!

well... was it fun ah... erm, it's ticklish lah, it's like kena electrocuted liddat, albeit mild one lah. go read my AHEM review in our latest issue lah! ><

u should try, i mean no harm, but i feel quite expensive lah. the only good thing is, i guess, the removal of the dead skin (it wont be totally removed, cos the fish's so small, and they just nibbling -_- so u'll have to continue doing it loh)

brokenkaleidoscope said...

honest question, what's wrong with proper scrubs? for that kind of price, you can afford body shop or better..

or, if you're pure cheapskate but want to remove dead skin, use breeze... live skin dead skin sama-sama come out... seriously...

leishia said...

honest answer, there's nothing wrong with proper (u may want to define proper here), good old conventional scrubs, the only good thing about fish therapy, which i buy, is the eco-friendly factor, meaning none of those waste/chemicals (ingredients from the scrubs would go down the drain and cause probable pollution. instead the fish is eating it up and well, digest it.

but yeah, it's crazy expensive which i dun agree with. for no cost u can just go to the river and wait for the fish (whatever species it is! lol) to nibble u or i would probably just use coarse sugar and honey to DIY a scrub instead. heh!