Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Funky Pup Is Now 3!

When you first came
I had to skip and walk on sofas
just to avoid all furry contact with you

I was icky like that
But then you look every bit an angel
God must’ve spent a little more time on you
How cheesy but it’s true
Looking so serene in your baby naps

I couldn’t resist it
And I gingerly stretched a finger on your sleepy head
It didn’t feel too bad
So out went another finger
And another, and another

I was like a proud mom
When I managed to hold you in my arms
It was such a monumental moment
That you were in my arms
I was shrieking and jumping in joy
And I intend it to be that way
Forever and ever, to have and to hold
If only it can be so
Your presence at home three years ago
Had ease so much of tension
And brought so much of joy
You thought us that there are more things in life
Than problems, tears, and silly wars
You thought us how to laugh, to love, to be a dotting parent
And who would’ve thought, you thought us life
Now that you are a grand old age of three
All grown up and… crazily furry, we must say
We are so proud of your achievements -
Stop chewing shoes altogether is one of it :)
May you have a happy, long, and prosperous life
as how you’ve brought us so much of joy,
We don’t even know where to start counting
So happy birthday it is lah, I wish you in its truest sense
Here’s my tiny present for you,
A little dedication with a silly doodling poem
Have a great time kicking ass at home
Just make sure you don’t trip grandma over, ok?


Adino said...

An absolutely wonderful poem for a very adorable doggy. Happy birthday Polly!

Alvin said...

polly so cutie pie lar....

if i'm a dog i would marry her...okay that sounded a bit wrong..hehehe..

blessed birthday, polly =)

JapBoyRockS said...

Disfcuktional J-Boo is now Deltaboo says:
phantom reader -_-


guiltyness!plus i wanted to ask..why didnt post about polly's new garment?

orangejuicejunkie said...

gahhh **dies from the cuteness**

man ur doggie is just toooo cute x.x

happi birthday to polly~~

essie-chan said...


I feel honoured to have played and taken pictures of Polly the adorably fluffy ball of pouncable cute now!


Happy birthday, Polly~ May you have a super long life! =) And please snuggle your poor mommy more often.

leishia said...

ello! lol thanks adino!

well, uhm, alvin, u do always manage to sound very wrong in the things u say. hehe :p

out of guilt, u comment. tsk. and what polly's new garment u talking lah? O.o

and so are you! :D thanks cerz!

essie!!!! yes! those pictures! i've been wanting to do a proper post up on it to give the *ahem* photog a good accreditation tapi tak jadi-jadi. :( but we love those pics girl! thanks so much and just give me a bit of time ok? hehe

essie-chan said...

aiyoh... don't worry about it! =)