Friday, May 30, 2008

After Low Tide Is ALWAYS High Tide

I feel a little on the low tide lately. In all, I’ma gonna sum it up and put the blame on work.

And the p.e.o.p.l.e in it. -_-

It’s always the human factor that puts me off balance. Gah! T_T It’s a constant struggle to stay afloat!

But, the fact that it’s a “struggle” is because I’m putting up a fight - a fight to not just stay afloat, physically; but also emotionally and spiritually. It’s seriously tough esp when you have a family to juggle with, and to think I don't even have kids to worry about now! Working married women (with kids - optional), how do you do it?! :(

But I’m just not about to kowtow to any sort of negative thinking and let them drown me! >(

Submit. Submit. Submit! Submit all your plans, and wills, and thoughts, and you, to Him.

Because only when I’m weak, He is strong.

Enough about this low tide rubbish! High tide is coming real soon! Gotta get ready for it because….




And that’s tomorrow! Can you believe it?! Tomorrow we’ll be off to Port Dickson for our church camp and some high tide fun! Although… I’m not a big fan of Port Dickson with all its slimy and shady waters, but I digress!

It’s 4 full days of time away from the office and instead, spent with your favouritest people in the world!!!!! - church members. lol

Hehe. But yes lah, very favourite lah. Don’t you love your church members? Don’t you, don’t you don’t you huh huh huh? LOL

(don’t mind me please. I’m de-stressing T_T)

Church camp goodness aside. There will be a theatre production right after we all come back from the camp - the following weekend - entitled “Revive!”

Come join us (peiling! Yes?)! And watch Jason acting as satan!!! our multi-talented youths doing what they do best on stage!

P/S Autograph session can be arranged at the end of the play. lol

So stop hesitating (it’s free admission lah)! Just come! =) omg I'm so kancheong! :/breathleishiabreath!relaxjustrelaxit'llbejustfine!trustGod!justbreathpleaseholeishia!T_T

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Dohnie said...

Oo, yes! I DO love my church membersss!!!! Haha!
And I'm gonna be there to watch Jason play Satan too!!! wheee....