Thursday, June 05, 2008

Looking For Something?

I wish I could say something about the camp, you know - exciting, fun, cool, anything! But I can’t, words just fail me right now, my thoughts are all over the place… desperation, assurance, thirsty, quenched, disappointment, satisfaction, frustration, joy, anxiousness, fear, contentment, abandonment, loved. All over the place.

I really wish I can be honest to the bones with you here, about everything. Or have something flowery to tell you, so that you’ll be boost up, I wish I can talk about it. But I think there are things, like our personal walk with Him, should be left between you and Him, alone.

As honest as I can get, it has been a wild ride. At least I’m learning now what “walking with Him” really, really means. Wow.

“I love you. You are never inferior to anyone. I love you”

He said. And that is all that matters to me.


shattered dreams said...

so powerful...
i would love to hear that too!

abby's mummy said...

Bask in His love dear sister...when you are ready come and tell me all abt it cause am desperately far away from God at the mo, need a revival :(

leishia said...

:) it's nice to know that God loves you no matter what. it's utterly important that you acknowledge that even if u didn't so-called "hear" it,

*huggies* i know what u mean about needing a revival. don't give up in ur quiet time with Him. even though it seems difficult and u can't for the life of u pray, just make urself to. and simply wait on Him, spend time to wait on Him. hang in there dear.