Friday, September 05, 2008

OL From The Second Floor, With Private WC

Hello from the land of uh… many hawker stalls and traffic jam, Sri Petaling, the location of my new company. It feels really weird to be blogging again, and what’s worse, I’m typing this with a sense of guilt and paranoia because apparently, my company is not very big with its employees having any sort of contact with the outside world using the net. Bleah.

But rightfully so, I guess, your time in the office should be devoted to the company entirely but, man am I bored! T__T When I’m done translating one article, I’ll be mentally drained, physically exhausted, and pretty much KO-ed; but I have no source of energy charging (i.e blog-hopping, msn-partying)! Well, other than -_- but as you all know, it’ll only serve to raise my, and your, blood pressure.

With my logging into blogspot/blogger kinda frequently now, I’m afraid they might pick the trail and block them altogether! T_T or terminate me on grounds of erm… blogging! O___o eh yeah hor! Suddenly thought of that! Erm, I guess I’ll save this up to be published when I’m off work lah. =_=’’’ Seriously, what have I got myself into lah?!

Oh by the way, do you want to know my timetable? Come! Let me share with you my timetable! It is by far THE most interesting thing in my life, other than the free nescafe the company's poviding.

Alarm will go off at 6am. SIX FRIGGING AM! T____T and I actually want to have it goes off at 5 to do my devotion. Who am I kidding man!

Snooze. Ring. Snooze. For 15 minutes.

Wake up and proceed to sit on the throne for say 10 to 15 minutes, just to sit off the sleepiness. What? It’s important OK! T_T

Wash up and stuff.

Fret over what clothes to wear, because honestly, not much shopping had been done during my holiday month. Thanks to some crazy retsnips (don't bother decoding lah zzz) who stood my translating project up and I ended up wasting time cleaning the mess she created and now kena chased by her for payment! Outrageous! Argh! Being an employer sucks.

I’m into my 3rd day now, and my somewhat presentable work clothes are running out real soon, like, tomorrow -_- I mean, what do you expect right? 2 years of jeans, tshirts, and flats and now you want me to dress up?! Pfft! Madness! But on a different note, it does feel good to be in anything but jeans, and actually feel like a *ahem* lady. Heh.

By the time I pick out what to wear, it’s 6:35am, plus minus. Now it’s a mad dash to get my face made up. Quick swoops of foundation, colour for lids, I can’t line my eyes though because by mid day, the line will like, you know, drop, making me look like a red Indian -_-, mascara, comb eye brows, speedy swirls of blusher, and colour for the lips!

I just cut my hair 2 weeks ago and it’s growing into a bush now. So I’ll also have to decide how to tame it, either pony tail it, bun it, or convince myself that the mess of a crowning bush is actually the latest, sexiest hair trend. It’s usually a pathetic attempt, I know. You don’t have to remind me. Daymnit!

If there’s time, and I’m not being a bitch, which usually I am every morning =) I’d make a cup of milo for Jason. And dash out of the house to be greeted by never ending lanes of traffic congestion. Seriously, like bumper to bumper, inch by inch, if-I-give-you-a-Lotus-Elise-right-now-you-won’t-even-want-my-life kinda congestion. Zzz.

Reach office, park car, read in car (Blind Faith courtesy of Juju), wait for office door to be opened, get into office, make coffee, chomp on biscuits (coffee, milo, biscuits, Lot 100 gummies are company-sponsored items yay), read, start work – which is translating articles for now, stare and focus on the clock hoping I am Hiro of Heroes and move time, or whatever, wait for lunch time, read, refresh my yahoo mailbox every 10 seconds, try translating another page of article which proves to be quite a gargantuan task, stare and focus on the clock hoping I am Hiro of Heroes and speed up the time to 6pm, and hope my boss won’t email or call me and subject me to utterly uncomforting meetings and such.

When 6 strike, I'll kinda have to like, sneak out of the office with a graceful and brave front, because everyone else is staying until 10pm ~_~ and I'm well, not. I’ll then be greeted by another set of never ending traffic jam all the way back to Puchong. Everywhere I turn, it’s jam, jam, jam! Yum! Can you believe that! Urgh! The ramadhan crowd only makes things worse!

Reach home, sprawl on the coach with sore feet (yes lah! yes lah! very unladylike lah,whatever. Heels hurt ok! T_T), get change, another mad rush to church for whatever activity if any, rush to go home and fight for more time to sleep.

Repeat cycle.

Congratulations HOleishia! You’re now one of the many indistinguishable office ladies on the face of the planet earth! Ooo I feel so exclusive!!!

OK enough lah! The creative brain needs to rest! I’ll blog later… when Rachel or Gabby start bugging me again! :p

Oh man, I just ate a piece of cake with kiwi slices on top (for tea, courtesy of the company too! HEHE! Looks like from now on my only lifeline is free food from the company =___=) and now my tongue itches like a flea-infested dog! GAH!!!!

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