Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Friends. Fiends. Fools

What does "FRIENDS" mean to you?


The genius in me has found a safer way to blog - post through email!!! Man! I'm so outdated! T_T' I hope this will help ease my boredom and the sense of lost at work.

Ah well!


essie-chan said...

Friends, to me, are people who accept you for who you are, who understand and are sensitive to your feelings, respect your faith, who can speak on at least 2 wavelengths (share similiar stuffs), people who are trustworthy.

They also must be crazy like me and can bullshit too. Creativity is a huge plus because creativity is the source of bullshit.

To me, a friend is someone I can talk to~ about anything. I can squeal, complain, rant, b*tch to.

But to summarize...a good reference for my idea of friend is shasha. hahahaha

JuRawks said...

Thou art tagged-th. =)

*waves frantically and flies off like the wind*

JapBoyRockS said...

JapBoyRocks arrived and clicked on the nuffnang ad =)

Leishia J said...

looks like essie is the only one who takes my blog question seriously zzz

>_< lol