Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Life Thus Far

... in Puchong is awesome!

First off, it feels like a house, no more rest house and hotels and whatchapacallit. When we reach home, we actually feel like we are going back home. Tu comprends?

Secondly, it’s so much closer to church and our social life in Subang/Sunway. We can actually stay to make friends and have decent conversation as compared to rushing home with heavy eyelids after every night-time event, especially in church!

Thirdly, we’ve been out and about making friends! Our social circle is expanding like nobody’s business for the past 2 weekends I’ma gonna explode due to too much excitement!

Oh and lookie what I / we did for the past 2 weekends!

First (this post is all about listing, yes -_-)
Played an INSTRUMENTAL ROLE (read: UTTERLY IMPORTANT) in (force) bringing a blog to life. (Insert obligatory blog-pimping act) Check him out here. Oh and the new-born blogger says "only single ladies are welcomed" -_- Cis! The ungratefulness!

Eh wait. What I did last Sunday ah? …. Shucks. I forgot. Zzz.

Had dinner with the 3 boys AND hung out at the car park watching clips after clips of Ana Ivanodunnowatvic bouncing on the field (apparently it's a tennis) court on Dohnie’s lappy (because he made us to!) AND actually stayed for ICE CREAM! 2 friggin’ pints of ice cream baby! Next time, we should get an entire pint of BR’s Rum Raisin, like this we won’t need to fight.

Classic line of the evening:
Jason: She’s very elegant (referring to Ana Ivanodunnowatvic).
Dohnie: ELEGANT! YES! YES! *drools all over*
Leishia: Classy
Dohnie: AH YES! ELEGANT AND CLASSY! (you should see him man. That smitten face! Fuh!)
Jap: *lying on the car hood, looking forlornly into the night sky, acting like so left out, and whispered sadly* then what am I?
Dohnie: O_o *an abrupt change from smitten to a confused and disgusted face*

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH that just cracks me up man! THEN WHAT AM I???? Dude! That's what you are! LOLLLLL AWWWW Kesiannya!!!! Someone's heart's broken!

Crazy enough to agree to a midnight movie at Pyramid (on the eve of a public holiday. Without making bookings x_x) only to be told that all seats for all movies are gone. That’s the shortest trip I’ve ever made to a shopping mall in my entire life - 15 minutes tops.

So instead of movies, we hung out (see! More hanging out!!!) at a mamak nearby and had honey naan, mee goreng, mixed grill, satay, and jumbo sour sop juice! By the time we finished, it’s almost 1am I think (staying out late without curfew!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! If I’m dreaming please please please don’t wake me up! T__T).

JeeJin was nice enough to point out that we can actually go home to Puchong without paying toll and that he’s willing to show us the way, right then! O_O shocking-est news ever! The part where we can skip the toll lah.

And the lovebirds - Jap and Dohnie - were clapping hands in glee in view of a possible “road trip”. There’s something fascinating about going out in the middle of night I tell ya! Everybody loves it!

Sixthly (It's this never gonna end -_- lol)
It’s true! It’s true! There’s actually a way to skip the toll!!!!! Oh yay! So happy! When we reached home, we actually showed our dear friends around the house (at ONE IN THE MORNING YOU HEAR ME?! I'ma just gonna hyperventilate and die here! Excitingness!!!), and sat down on the sofa for random and short but good conversations!

Took Irene’s invitation for Prince Caspian at Summit on Monday; not exactly up to expectations, the movie, but the company was great! Had pizza for dinner (the joint actually carries our magazines!) and made a ruckus in the restaurant, oh and made a new friend! Hello Jamie! I like your accent! :)

And the proudest moment - I pointed out my back and feet which was *ahem* featured on the magazine to the gang! Can you spot me in this month’s issue? xD

Syiok sendiri-ness! xD xD xD I’m beyond help! But just typing this entry already makes me excited all over! L.O.L


Anonymous said...

u dont care abt kajang people anymore.. :(

JapBoyRockS said...
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JapBoyRockS said...

wheee~ i happen to be there from number three to number seven...hahaha!

leishia said...

eh! i care! that's why i drove all the way back to Oriental Crystal yesterday after work! or was it crystal oriental?... anyway, the traffic killed me BIG time T_T

and u can't consider urself kajang ppl anymore lah! ur half a pj-ian!

-_- that goes to show how kaypoh u are. tsk. hehe.

but ur not there at number four lah!!! and thanks to me, i saved you from paying rm3 parking! me noble! *proud*

Anggie's journel said...


For sure Puchong is much more better then Kajang lor, i admit that . But Puchong kind a high density ya ??

Buy i m still OK and fine staying in Kajang ... hahahaha

Anggie's journel said...

should say already used to this place

leishia said...

actually, puchong has more houses than ppl.

but for u is different mah, u got a boy to look after, so that will fill up most of ur time. for us, it's just you-look-at-me-i-look-at-you, so... yay to friends! lol