Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Day My Husband Thinks I've Achieved Kitchen Divahood

Inspired /ahem by anggie, I’m gonna blog about my success story (finally) in the kitchen.

I erm, made lamb stew.

First, you nick a simple recipe from somewhere, anywhere!
Then you take your time to collect and compile the ingredients from markets, hypermarkets, your mom's house etc.
Then you take a day’s leave off work and rise early to cut up the ingredients. (I hate animal blood T_T)
Then you may go back to sleep.
Then you wake up again and stare at the clock to decide which hour of the day is good to start stewing.
Then you take out your slow cooker (kitchen saviour T_T I heart you slow cooker!), dust it, clean it, worship it. Whatever suits you.
When your perfect hour comes, take out all your ingredients, dunk it all in to the pot (ok lah, be a bit more graceful, “layer” the ingredients in lah if you will =.=)
And then you turn the cooker on and you let it cook.
And then you just sit pretty and wait to be praised! :)

How do I define success, you ask? Easy. When the husband kept raving about it for 3 days in a row, that, my friends, is success.

OK, by raving I mean he kept talking about how tender the mutton was and that that was the most tenderest mutton he’d ever had his entire life and no mamak stall on earth can beat my mutton and it was really good! Not just good, but GOOD good. So good he was crying when he was eating it! (I'm not kidding! What do I look like I'm not capable of making people cry with my awesome cooking?! Huh?! >/)

I just smiled demurely and nodded along and peppered my thank-yous in a lady-like manner.


Eh, come to think of it, he raves because the meat was tender, not that it TASTED nice or something... O_-


So now yes. If he tells you his wife makes kick ass lamb stew, just agree with him and pretend you're awed damnit!


vic said...

kenot! must have one serving specially prepared by leishia then only join jason in the raving. xD

leishia said...

cis! too much!

but ok lah, come to my house!

Anggie's journel said...

made lamb stew. ??? easy ??
got any easy or ready made ingredient ?? hahahah ...
How nice when our hubby enjoy the food we cook, even we not that super in the kitchen like mums cook

When someone enjoy the food, is actually give us the "voom" to cook more ya ???

Thumb up for u la...

leishia said...

lol i think i love cooking. it's just the marketing and washing-after-cooking which i so detest!

Anggie's journel said...

I love cooking and baking too.... BUT
yah,agreed with u ... i just hate washing-after-cooking ... so tiring .... no maid , so how ??
If my hubby wash, the kitchen all wet, i dun like also ... then ??? The washing come back again to me ..*-*

leishia said...

lol! yes! yes! ur husband too?? jason is the expert in making spaces wet! ask him to "clean" up the toilet, he'd "hose" down the toilet! and if can, he will banjirkan the place T____T

joh! why lah men like to wet everywhere wan?! T____T