Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yeah Lah! Yeah Lah! I Know How To Spell Stupid Lah!

To Jason a.k.a The Husband,

To save you energy and time and loads of guess work, I’ve already decided what I want for my 2009 birthday! I know right! Such an understanding wife!

A trip to Bangkok!

Specifically to Chatuchak! Thank you so much dear!!!


The wife you said you love so very much

p/s How do you like mutton curry for dinner... erm... one of these days? Heh.

See! Easy peasy! I’m so easy to please I amaze myself!


I missed my company trip this year (in fact I’ve never been on any company trips! :( yes, my companies, previous and current, are cheena like that), on purpose -_-.

I missed it, simply because I thought why bother going when the reason my company bring us there is so that we’ll help them “carry” products through the custom so that they won’t need to be taxed so much (you get what I’m saying? -_-).

Oh, btw, every year, our company trip is only to Chatuchak, Bangkok. /swt

Plus if I were to go with Jason then we’ll have to fork out money for 1 extra pax. Plus my passport expired. Plus I was so full of myself thinking “Hmph! What’s the big deal about Bangkok woh? The weather’s so hot some more! No thank you lah!” Think also didn’t think I declined the offer ady -__- why am I so stupid!

Stupid never mind. Mah bear the consequences only lah, hor? :’(

So, bearing the consequences I am now loh. :'( :'(

I was lamenting to Jason and then you know what he said?! >(

“Ala go lah! You should go what! Who ask you to bring me along woh?”

-__________- See lah! My husband! Then if I don't count him in he'll emo with me pulak!

My colleague went and came back, like yesterday, and yerrrrr bought so many things and on top of that, all meals paid for!!! I was googling for Chatuchak and people’s loot from the market earlier before the trip and I tell you!!! HOW CAN I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR FORGOING A FREE CHANCE TO BANGKOK! Some more when my colleagues (actually the whole office only 2 persons plus 1 boss plus boss’ daughter went only) were out cruising Bangkok streets, we cows were working our you-know-what off in the office (I got underage readers -_- cannot be too free to exercise my vocab skill.Gah!).


So, OK Jason a.k.a The Husband? =D We go in January ya? But we're gonna have to pay ourselves :(

Any takers? Mai lah pergi beramai-ramai! Baru syiok! Think of it as…

… A getaway... to “Celebrate the birth of Leishia!”

/soh genius! See! Found you an excuse to travel!

Eh, but I’m serious ok! Save up money now and we go! OK? Oh can’t wait! :))))


ellejay said...

Oh I feel your PAINNN!
We must both be reading Pinkpau eh? (I recently discovered her) She blogged on Chatuchak. I want to gooooo. I love cheap stuff. I'm aunty like that. Haihhh.
How could you pass on that trip *donks you on the head*

leishia said...

and u must be reading sweatlee! lol

eh but yeah lah! i read her, i read a few other blogs, and then there are those pictures on google and flickr and then there's my colleagues' pictures! lethal i tell u lethal x_x

s.t.u.p.i.d -nyaaaaaa!!!!!

alvin boey said...

aiyor..why lar, leishia..why lar..

nevermind lar..can go with hubby mar..when u going?..i also wanna shop till i drop lor...

Anonymous said...

Your wish is my command, my love!

Jason K.

essie-chan said...

I recommend you going there in time to catch the King's birthday.

The weather then would be just nice! Cloudy, mildly sunny, lots of beautiful breeze so you don't die in the sun...

And of course, the King's Birthday is not something you wanna miss! I really enjoyed watching all the processions went my family and relatives chanced upon the festival! Its really really cool.

and fuuuuaaaaaaaaaah~ Uncle-Uncle is so cool! *_* -please to be referring to uncle-uncle jason's comment-

GOOOOO Uncle-Uncle! Knight in shining armor! who seems to love mutton curry very much... =P

But I think now the prices aren't THAT cheap, since all the thai people are privy to the fact that ANY FOREIGNER CAN PAY THE PRICE SO NO NEED TO LOWER IT so...

Sharpen your tongues and polish your bargaining skills, folks. It's gonna be a looooooooong haggle.

leishia said...

really? REALLY? u wanna go too??? i'm gonna make plans ok! cannot "sook sah" already ah!

what did i say? >< You da man!

"GOOOOO Uncle-Uncle! Knight in shining armor! who seems to love mutton curry very much..."

LOLLLLLLLLL yes. very much. LOL

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