Thursday, May 08, 2008

You're My Hero!!!

… when you thickened your skin to do the Bic Mac chant and got me a free Big Mac! *heart*heart*heart*

Free Big Mac!!! I love free stuff! /shameless sial =_=

After days of begging to have McD for dinner, Jason - a hardcore non-junk food (to be defined) freak - finally crumbled and gave in to this poor, fast-food deprived wife. Ya, he thinks fast food is junk food, slow food is not. But he doesn’t consider Ramly burger as junk food because it’s made slowly. So basically if hamburgers are made slowly, then it’ll fall out of the junk food category. Automatically. -_-

Anyway I was so kancheong when he jumped up and declared he will “be your hero once again and get you a Big Mac, my damsel in distress!” =.= So I made him practiced so many times until he got frustrated and threatened not to join T_T why my husband liddat wan!

And then when I finally let him go, the cashiers all went in and out of the office/kitchen/counters/premise looking for a stopwatch! -_______- so in the end we offered them to use our handphone’s stopwatch. So nice of us. For not letting us join the competition on the ground of not having a stopwatch at the time, they will have to compensate us a lifetime of hamburgers! .... O_O eh wait! Then why lah we so stupid go offer them our stopwatch?! T____T

Whatever lah, as long as I get my free Big Mac! Ooo, gembiranya hati aku! xD *explode into a million pixels*

Oh if you don’t know yet, Uncle Ronald is running this little competition - purchase any McValue Meal and get a coupon. With the coupon, go to McD counters and do the chant (phrases are printed on the coupon or visit here), if you can do it under 4 seconds, congratulations, you just save yourself from spending on one meal!

Better yet, make a video of yourself doing the chant as creative as you can and you stand a chance to win RM10, 000. Cool right?! Go check out the link lah! Just make sure after you win, don’t forget me because I’ve played an instrumental role in making you rich! *sad song playing*


We’ve officially moved over to Puchong! Now we just need to get rid of the final coating of dust on the floor and you are most welcomed to come thrash the house. But don’t think you can walk out of the house alive without first cleaning it up ok! This is my strategy to clean the house weekly:

Welcome you --> you thrash house --> you clean up --> house get cleaned --> happy leishia

Your support is much appreciated!


On the first of May Irene Lim came helped to wash the house, and by wash I mean using a hose to hose down the entire house (Jason’s idea of cleaning) and then kept getting electrocuted -_-

We are so gamdong lah this Irene Lim, put aside her entire day and the fact that she’s had leg surgery done earlier and insisted to help us! T_T

“Irene ah. It’s ok lah. We can manage”
*trembling* “yes ma’am…”

And then also there’s JeeJin, Jap, Jared, Aaron, and Lai San! Though you guys were only mesmerised with and interested in the floor polishing machine (and actually had fun riding it until it got overheat -_-) but still thank you so very much lah, climbed so high to lap tingkap and stuff. If not for you all, I would’ve to stay up till 3am just doing that. T_T

As for me, I’m really satisfied with the house. Earlier I thought by moving to a landed house means I won’t get my daily exercise (We lived on the third floor previously and I was pleased with my "steps" exercise regime), manatau, I exercise more than ever here! To get one item we have to run up and down the stairs to find it -_- But yeah lah, I’m not complaining! Heh.

Now, the next thing to look into is! Jeng jeng jeng! Getting a dog dog DOG!!!! :D

*so happy can die 4 times!* xD xD xD

To add to my happiness, my ed just informed me of a press screening of jeng jeng jengx2!!!! THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA 2: PRINCE CASPIAN this Monday! SOH HAPPY I'M CRYING T_T!! How nice if everyday also like this!

p/s must get Jason to do the chant at McD counter again tonight! *wiggle in pure excitement* xD


essie-chan said...

My goodness LEISHIA!!!! hahahahha aiyoooohhh

I only have one word to describe that post.

*smacks palm to forehead* AIYOOOOOOHHHHHHH


So, what are the odds you're going to get a spastic lab retriever and call him Marley? =D *corny joke ok shutting up now*

I love this post. It's SO YOU!!!! XD

Oiy. Your dog must be yellow and cute and cuddly and called Marley! LOL So I can...distress the poor puppy/doggy into licking me to death or running away yelping.

Let me know of your decision! =P

brokenkaleidoscope said...

the jason doing that chant to get you your big mac bit.. that is so....... cute. seriously.. if i had a wife who wanted something i didnt want, i'd probably just try and persuade her out of it...

or drown her in my never ending list of arguments as to why she isnt rational in wanting what she wants.. hahaha...

but seriously.. so cute. =)

Dohnie said...

wei wei wei... someone told me I had to BLOG or DIE!!!

I also noticed that same someone hasn't updated their own blog! Tsk! Tsk!

leishia said...

eh! how bout we get TWO dogs?! one big and one small breed! howssat howssat? cool right?! ><

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry mingyan, the exaclamations stays, wherever u are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

oi, how can u do this to ur wife T_T kesian lah. but then again, i'm not surprise she can't beat ur arguing. u have 1001 reasons and statements for every single topic. not forgetting those canggih-maggih terms too! -_-

wei wei wei that said someone holds a few jobs and titles in life lah T_T (which is a sad sad thing).

but aiseh! for u lah! nah. i blogged ady!

K Saony said...

Thanks for your link wich i can view your blog.

Congratulation of your weeding's day. You was a very cute groom.

keep in touch

Your monkey


K Saony said...

My dear Leashia,

Thank you so much for your link wich i can view your blog and see you nice picture of your weeding's day. Congratulation again!!

I hope we will see each other one day.

Best wish and keep in touch

Your monkey

leishia said...

haha! monkey! :) woah! ur typing in english! that's cool!

bon, je vais repondre en francais, d'accord? à toi, en francais; à moi, en anglais! comme ca on peut pratiquer les langues! :D

Mary Khan said...

Though you guys were only mesmerised with and interested in the floor polishing machine (and actually had fun riding it until it got overheat -_-) but still thank you so very much lah, climbed so high to lap tingkap and stuff. If not for you all, I would’ve to stay up till 3am just doing that. T_T