Monday, May 05, 2008

Been There. Done That T_T

Remember the time I had a stupid doctor sweeping a rat out of his clinic and slapped into my legs as I was walking by? (Yeah yeah the post is some where in archive, go look for it. I lazy -_-)

Well hey this time around, guess what I got.

Just guess lah T_T

No one gets it better than me T__T

A FREAKING FATSO CATERPILLAR IN MY WANTON MEE!!!!! All plump and juicy and wriggled up in my wanton mee!!!!!!!! T____________T

Yay! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY?????????? WHY LIDDAT WAN?!!!!!!!!!

Puchong! Is that how you welcome your new resident?!!!!!!! >(


Tragic is me :'(


mf said...

Poor leisha..So did you complain to the fella? =)

JapBoyRockS said...

whoa! leishia can really draw! seriously.. if i am not mistaken u used paint to do the drawing..! haha!

caterpillar... yucks! for us yucks! for people from other nations.. its a delicacy ler..

or...maybe..... its a side dish?

and i didnt forget our date this saturday( sounds so wrong..but who cares?)

Rachel said...

my goodness!!!
lei sha if that happend to me !!
i think i will just faint on the spot!! colour somemore!!!!

brokenkaleidoscope said...

oh? i didnt know you were a leftie. just noticed. ah, how unobservant of me... XD

leishia said...

:'( yeah i did. but hawker fella what do u expect from them? the auntie just went like quick quick take back i cook again for u! -__-

yeah! woah! leishia can draw! /is very proud of her first "paint" drawing! and yes, u better rememeber the date!

LOL faint on the spot! no need so drama lah! actually i do think the green colour of the catepete is quite fascinating... :x

!!!! (everytime u comment my mind will be filled with exclamation marks!!!!)!!!!!!! lol because u are... astonishing like that!

and u actually observed, noticed, and deduced a theory out of a paint drawing!!! *Applause kau kau* ur amazing! x_x

brokenkaleidoscope said...

eheh. i did that on purpose.. ;)

but actually, i've seen this post a few times.. i only paid attention cause jap made a reference to microsoft paint.. i was of the impression it was photoshop all along.. cause i thought i saw the pen tool there.. but okay, you probably can do such things in paint as well.. =)