Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Bane Of Emoness

Sometimes you get so caught up with emo-ing, you can't even remember the reason why you began emo-ing.



Anupam said...

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brokenkaleidoscope said...

uh. married people arent supposed to be emo. or so i thought. or at least, they should have better alternatives than to blog about it like us sad bunch of single/ unwanted persons. ;)

alternatively, if all else fails to "undo" your emoness, you can still have the best deals on sexy lingerie, plus size lingerie, sheer lingerie, erotic lingerie, trashy lingerie.... etc etc... at discounted rates with free shipping!! wee~~


leishia said...

LOLLLL omg! what a timely comment, anupam! i'm sure ur spammy lingeries will definitely cheer me up! Wheeee~~~~~

O_o eh married ppl got no feelings isit? tsk, what did u learn at psychology class lah?

but then again, if married ppl do not have work and friends to deal with, then hmmmm, maybe it'll be rainbows everyday huh hehe.

ezra said...

why lar emo?...ELMO lar..


okay..my attempt to cheer you up, failed miserably...

i know i know..i have one joke...

there are 3 eggs in the refrigerator. Egg #1 said to Egg #2, "Eh why Egg #3 got hair wan?"

Egg #3 answered..

"*&%*&%(*%^*&^(, OIIII...I'm a KIWI FRUIT LAR *&*&"

the end.