Monday, July 07, 2008

I <3 Happy Hangouts & Happy Meals!

That, my friends, has been my tagline for the past few days :D

The Ops. PigOut @ Ogawa Japanese Kitchen was awesome! I won’t speak for the rest lah, but I had a total kick-assed blast! And guess what, the get-together actually hooked up some old classmates which was so cool!!! *feels very achieved having done a good deed. Zen out*

Aw man! Happy food and happy friends make me really one rainbowed happy camper! :))) We should really do this more often!

Actually I’m just really lazy to blog lah, zzzz so I’ll leave you with some pictures (but I colour-enhanced them!). There weren’t much photos taken though, we were busy… uh, pigging out. Next round we should put more effort to invite camwhores to join the party! Heh.

The banquet - ready for its guests

Jap's (I mean Japheth's!) favourite dish from the buffet line - "Wateroo Bungari Kekwako". This, apparently, is very good for your health

everybody get their hot or cold green tea in this plainnnn lookin' short glass. EXCEPT for some dude who came in royally late and still get a whimsy sky blue ceramic cup! Cis!

The happy piggies! (I'd stitch up the photos and make them seamless. But whatddayanoe! I'm lazy liddat :)

And from here on I'm lazy already so no more captions. Food and randomness!


Dohnie said...

wahey! I'm dat some dude who got the nice drinking cup! wheee...

*honestly, it's nothing to be jealous about*

haha! yes, fun fun! let's do it again!

haha! yes, fun fun! let's find a cheaper place!

Anupam said...

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leishia said...

so that's ur... erm, "sensational comment"? -__-

Dohnie said...

At least I got comment ler... who's anupam and why's she/he advertising undies on your blog?