Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ich Bin Your Brother, Brother.

I thought this is some awesome news.

"Imma punch you if you pull that fist on me!" ~brother lovin'

God sure has a weird but funny sense of humour. Ha! It's all good! Really weird, but good :)


miche said...

hmmmm...expecting yours to be the same??? hehe

essie-chan said...

I *LOVE* the caption. =D

And the blog title. lol

But hey wow, that's cool. Though I always thought that was kinda possible. =/

I think another rare coincidence was this article (true or not, I don't know) that I read somewhere I forgot - a mother gave birth to unidentical twins, from 2 different fathers.

leishia said...

i think i'd be so freak if this happens to me! lol God had better prepare me first if He wants to do this! :p

it's possible, but rare. all things are memang possible with God anyway! seriously i was at a blank when i saw the news, like seriously God, showing off there a little? WOAH! LOL