Thursday, July 31, 2008

32 Days Of Bliss. Hopefully.

Me time:
-Visit dentist
-Glam up my new wardrobe
-Movie marathon @ home (HK soaps! Crazily time sapping activity! lol)
-Make lamb stew again! And chicken pongteh, and beef soup, and potato sambal, and a yoghurt dessert! Man I might as well throw a dinner party! xD
-Blog like mad and flood the cyberspace with my decade old pictures
-Revive my other blog with proper reviews -_-
-Haircut (how ‘bout chop everything off like Essie’s... or Rachel's! But too lazy to maintain. Le sigh. I need advice girls!)
-Sweat a bucket every other day and tone up for goodness sake HOleishia!!! (see, lijen, no more “hole is hia” ok! -___-''')
-Play with make ups
-Shopping on my own

Family time:
-Shopping with my sisters
-Invite Polly to stay over (Important: polish and shine the floor first!)
-Spend time with grandma at home… Ooo, maybe invite her and her maid over my place for a stay over too! (then got free labour an extra pair of hands to HELP me clean up, of course)
-Dine more at home with Jason
-Cook a full meal for my family!
-Baking with my sisters. Banana bread and cookies! Yum!
-Melaka trip! Gonna fry up a mean curry paste for Jason’s mom and sis!

Friends time:
-Movie marathon @ cinema with Sailorsim
-Day trip to Pulau Ketam (2nd Saturday of August: everyone’s welcomed to join because we’ll be taking KTM!!!)
-Ops. PigOut II
-Catch up with friends (buzz me! buzz me! Me me ME!!!)
-Shopping with friends

Anything else I left out?

* new items will be added to the itineraries as and when.
* looks like all the above agenda will be quite damaging to my Jason’s bank account, so if you have any writing projects/temp jobs, I’d appreciate if you hook me up!


who that?! O_O
love the tie! :)

As promised, TwinnyBoys, here's the pictures I mentioned to give you! :)))

Ta now!

Oh wait, ta for good! The next I post, it won't be from my current office anymore. Oh did I tell you that I resigned? Yeah well I resigned! :D


smiley said...

hey gal , you have a very nice face shape!! so you can actually chop it off and its super easy to maintain my hair ah...this length no need to blow wan ler just wash and put conditioner.
Tambahan lagi your face not like mine square square wan you can go for the lagi "chunted" and wild type !!!
but the problem is ahem ahem....i think normally guys *cough cough* husbands especially would prefer their gal with long hair.

shattered dreams said...

well, if your hair grows slowly and you might faint from a hairstyle disaster...
i suggest you cut it above shoulder length 1st..
then decide whether to do a bob or not..
well, that's what i'm doing le! hehe.
never crazy enough to make plunges...

Dohnie said...

I know who those fellas in the pics are!!! Wahahahahha! The towering twinies!

Don't take any hairstyling tips from me. I just basically chop mine off each time! Hehee...

leishia said...

fuiyoh! nice face shape!!!! *ego super boosted*! lol

my face is ROUND but my head is SQUARE! fancy that -_-

i like ur cut lah! more layers, more feminine :D like rachel's one also! though short, but still, very feminine lah! ish! so nice!

yes! yes! now u can do the "bwahaha" loudly in their face ady! lol

hehe syiok lah, if i'm a guy i'd also chop mine off!

JuRawks said...

I WANNA GO TO CRAB ISLAND~!!! Woohoo~ Ladidadida~

*bounds around*

Okay, nvm. But probably cannot lah. Sad right. Aihz.

CHANGE IS GOOD!!! Doesn't matter whether your husband-y like anot. It's your hair mah right? And like what Rachel said the other day "If you want to cut, just cut. It's hair. Can grow back wan!"


samara said...

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