Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I know I’m gonna get some good flaming for this. But I can’t keep quiet! Wondermilk is such a rip-off!

There. I just said it. -_-

Lijen was raving about wondermilk like, 2 days ago, and yesterday, my colleague’s gf made us all chipped in to buying a box of mini cupcakes for his bd, and that’s a whopping RM49 per box of 50 cupcakes? That’s RM1 each after rounding up.

Yes there are cute, they are sweet, there are pretty and for RM1 you can’t expect a muffin-sized cup right? Fine! I get that. But this! This is … argh! The mini cupcake is mini alright! I could even hold it up with my pinky and it wont topple over! When put in the mouth, I felt…. I felt…. toe curling, mind numbing, eye squinting, brain freezing sorta nothingness! It’s just a teeny tiny bite of baked sugar and flour. For all that I could taste, the cakes tasted sweet and… stony wet, you get me? It’s wet but it’s also kinda hard for a cake. Nothing like you would expect from a cake. I mean, come on! It’s a cupcake for goodness sake! Zzzz!!! You're killing all the cuppy magic!!! :(

And the flavour was apparently chocolate chip. But there wasn’t enough space for the chips to “float” themselves in the body of the cake, so they sink (sign of too wet batter?), and were kinda burnt and stuck to the teeny tiny foil cup. Gargh! It makes me angry just eating them!

I love cupcakes, don't get me wrong. I even had cupcake towers for my wedding! And I used to love them, the brand cuppacakes I mean, the whole concept, the whole fairy and romantic-feel that bundled in with the branding and cupcakes and all, but after seeing and tasting their product now, I’m not so sure anymore guys, I’m sorry. That’s it. That’s what the mini cupcakes make me feel. Extremely frustrated. Like, for real, EXTREME FRUSTRATION AND BEYOND THE GOLDEN UNIVERSE. whatever that means.

And for that price! That sad tray of mini cupcakes! Oh and the amount of colouring that went in to decorate those little teeny tiny cuppies! Let’s just say we all garnered quite a bit of attention on the streets with awesomely gothic black lips and chow chow’s purple tongue (the gf ordered the Rockstar theme, you see. Zzz). -___-

And you’re gonna call me cheapskate. Whatever suits you man. Money is not supposed to be earned and spent that way. For 50 buck (oh we were told delivery charge was RM50! From DU to Puchong RM50! T_T so we had to drive all the way out there to pick them up.), we could’ve bought him a nice meal at Chillis, or for a hundred buck, TWO huge yummy Secret Recipe cheese cake (chocolate cheese!!! YUM!!!) and we'll still get change I think, or if we go to a nice hawker/restaurant, we could have a crab feast! Le sigh.

But to wondermilk’s credit, I suppose it is time consuming to decorate ‘em cuppies, what more, when they are so tiny, it’s hard work! Yeah.

Oh well lesson learnt. Art is not for everyone cheapskates. But cupcakes are! :(

So yeah, I’m just being cheapskate. *slaps self* And don't ask me to chip in to any of wondermilk purchases no more! *roar*

OK End of rant.


shattered dreams said...

gal.. i try to bake cupcakes then let u eat ok?
dun la sound so frust...

leishia said...

christine!!!! T___T awww! so touched! no lah this biz ppl lah, only know about profit! such a ripoff man! these days we are all paying for branding and packaging!

maybe u can start ur own cuppy biz too! show 'em world what cuppies really are! hmph!

vic said...

heheh..well, at this event i went to recently, they were selling the very same cupcakes you're ranting about at RM10 for four tiny pieces.. >_<
i agrees..i is cheapskate too. rar!

Dohnie said...

I don't think ellejay's gonna respond for a while... last I heard she's busy playing hostess for now...


I like cupcakes too, I think. *hints to Christine*

ellejay said...

Eh I got prob commenting in your blog la sister! :(
I was the first to comment so many times wan okay but duno y cannot get thru. Ahem.

But anyway no la not gona kena blast cos I agree its a ripoff! Hahahaha. I mean its just paying for chunks of sugar that look pretty. N I've nvr actually tried any of Wondermilk's cupcakes but I think they look*drool*.
That's alllll.