Wednesday, August 13, 2008

32 Minus 14


What would you do when life deals you with the most unreasonable, it's-everyone-else's-fault-but-mine, suckiest ever, almost a living hellish, basically the minute you call her she'd scream and yell at you (which, btw, I believe that's her style of talking) temp-colleague who happens to be your ex-lecturer?

Sweet talk. That's what you do.


Life sucks! *slaps self*


essie-chan said...

WOMAN I miss reading your blog! T_T

*hugs* come on Leishia, pull through! You caaaan! Just grit your teeth and bootlick some old psychopath who acts worse than a kid with rabies throwing a fit for a bit more, then throw down the whole thing with a shout.

Then NO MORE. Holiday. A break. Coffees and movies and donuts and shopping sprees and picture-taking and girlie chitchats and catching up with friends.

Aim for that, kay? =)

ellejay said...

holeishiaaaaaaa :)
I almost cannot tahan d was so tempted to spam you and say update update update but I know you'd have some pretty valid reason for not blogging anyways :)
Like essie said, hang in there ya. I can't imagine la. Or wait I probably can a bit but I don't want to. But it's weird hey? But then again its quite ironically funny too! Cos it's like hahahahhahaha-you-used-to-teach-me-now-I'm-your-equal-hahaha :D

brokenkaleidoscope said...

i agree with the two of em.. i'd wanted to spam you to update.. ahaha... about that ex-lecturer, hmm... she sucks, your life doesnt.. well okay maybe a small part of your life would suck because she happens to be involved, but in general, no. so.... cheer up... heheh.. =)

JapBoyRockS said...

eh...we both know the conclusion....
hahaha! beware or CERTAIN 'retnips'
they can be deadly =.='

Leishia J said...

you guys:
awwwwwww u guys wanna spam my blog/miss reading my blog? T___T my blog worth ur attention? joh, dun make me cry lah!!!!! T__________T

the ex-lecturer was hired as my freelancer, and then she screwed me up. nice eh -___-

yes, CERTAIN, TO-BE-DEFINED retnips are serious red alert zones! SERIOUSLY! next time i come across any, i'll send them ur way to be screened first lah! hehe