Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Pt. 1 - The Quest For The Fountain

I’ve decided I won’t be making don’t want to make mingyan cry with my photo taking skills after all. Haiks. Photoshopping is cruel T____T I just couldn't get 'em colours right! Grr.

However! Pictures nonetheless! :D Because I'm naish like that! :)

On our jolly way!

Good looks kill *snicker*

Ditzy Dohnie: "I was mobbed by a frenzy bunch of female fans! Can you believe it?! They just can't get enough of me! SIGH! It sucks to have good looks! *ditzy exasperation*

fact: he was checking out some girl lah and actually attempted to whistle but before he got to do that, he walked right into a gigantic road sign and banged his head right on and suffered survived the cut and bump. lol Did I mention it was gigantic? *rolls eyes* :x

almost there! (entrance to Gracehill Orchard Lodge)

Bumpy one-car-space entrance/exit. I had a brain concussion after that zzz

Ladies and gentlemen! I (we) have arrived!

Camwhoring started while waiting for our rooms to be sorted out

My home in the jungle

We had a mixed-up room saga. The owner's relative came unannounced and conveniently claimed the room which we've booked and refused to swap even we've paid for it! Like that also can! T__T

So we had to compromise *wuttoodoo. ppl so mangsat takkan you go and quarrel right T___T* zzz Jason and I ended up occupying a 6 bedded dorm all to ourselves instead of the family room lol But it's all good because we get a private balcony, amazing view and privacy as we face the jungle/mountain, plus we get to neighbour ps tim and uncle.ditz and we get exclusive room service! The only downside was, to get to my peepee island, I had to travel into the jungle! GAHHH T____________T no lah. kidding lah! Just downstairs. heh :) But still!!!! T___T

Imagine waking up and chilling to these views! Fancy that huh ;)

settling in/setting up

Kak Suteri/Sutri/Putri/Puteri Bukit Tinggi (=.=') was amazingly friendly and accomodating!

The worship sessions was out of this world!!! ps tim preached, uncle.ditz led worship, I backed up, jason was the congregation. Amen! *nods head*

If you really seek, you're really desperate for Me., then I Am right here. I've never been away...

Finding our way down to the waterfall. Ignore the drama king =.=' Spot the drama king!

Family building

When you have nothing to do, no agendas to follow, no activities to get crazy over, no phone, no wifi, this is what you start noticing - perfectionistic insects making babies.

Peeing tree

Found it! We made it! Ma! We made it! Waterfall !!! Lookie! Zee lifez givinz waterfallz!!!!! ... uh, wait ah... how does waterfall look like again? O_- Fail lah

Eh to be continued lah. Very tiring uploading pictures like this zzzzz



Dohnie said...

Wei wei wei...!!! I'm gonna report you to somebody oredi!!! Revoke your bloggers license!!!! Lies!! Lies! I tell you!!!

owh, but maybe except the good looks part la... but everything else lies lies!!! ;D

JapBoyRockS said...

wahhh! all so pro in posing hahahaha!

orangejuicejunkie said...

**le gasps~~!!** DONNY? CHECKING OUT GIRLS? fulamak~~ hahaha no wonderlar kesian tis ditzy fellow~ aww its okay~ i'm sure the girls thought u were absolutely cute! XP hahahaha jkjk~ ^^

LEISHIAAA NOT BAD WEI UR PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOSHOPPING SKILLS LOL!! =D i love the first photo of the road, the sky and the road and the colour is awesome. =) take more photos!!! xD hehe so nice lar u all, get to go on holiday~~ ^^