Thursday, November 13, 2008


Jason will be away in KK for 4 days!

No one to drive me around and pay for my food :(

Note to rachel and mingyan: saya ingin menyahut kempen "I need someone" anda. Apakah kriterianya?


brokenkaleidoscope said...

senang aje. buat appointment, bayar service charge, settle. =)

smiley said...

it sounds like some cupid club service la.
i thod is "its ok to need ppl not someone " ?
cause you know la someone sounds so someone =.="

leishia said...

zzzz tau pun mesti ada service caj! cis!

oh isit! my mistake! i rephrase...
ahem.... "it's ok to need people" kempen!

Katie Harris said...

Hello! not sure if you remember me. But you used to read my blog a while ago. I was reading some of my old posts and their comments and came across a very sweet one from you.
You wrote:

"He "is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18
Know that you are at your strongest when you are at your weakest"

Thank you SO much for that. I needed to hear that today, as much as I needed to hear it 4 years ago. i hope that all is well for you! take good care.
- Katie

jared said...

rubbishness.. i need someone campaing.. hahaha.. well, distance makes the heart fonder i suppose..

leishia said...

hey katie! of course i remember u! man it's so good to have u around! :D

hey i'm glad ur finding comfort in Him. with God around, we are never the loser so take heart and be strong! RARR!

do send my huggies to ur little man! i'm sure he's grown to be such a handsome guy now! >.<

eh encik jareddy, dun be so... wise-old-man style lah! "rubbishnesS"! LOL