Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Buffet That Never Was

Last night we attended a cocktail party.

Only we didn’t know it was a cocktail party until we were there, where the ladies were dressed to the nines and the gentlemen garbed in exquisite silk batik, while us, well, casually chic. In jeans and flats. -___-'''

It was apparently a soft launching of a hotel in Putrajaya and that was as far as Jason remembered to tell me. Well ok, to his credit, he also remembered to tell me that “the hotel is soft launching the other day… so they invited us to go… try… buffetfood…. eat.... dinner…”

Uhm hmm. Riiiight.

See, mostly he only forgot (key)words like "dainty", "finger food", and "DRESS UP PLEASE DEAR". That's all! T_T

“What? Who reads invitations?! People invite, you come. People invite, you come!” was his defense.


But oh well, we had a good time nonetheless (Read: me chiding the mindless husband and him faking drunkenness and totally ignoring my chiding his mistake. Lovely couple, we are. -_-)

The party area was large and dimly lit, so we sat down by the pond side, munched on bite sized cocktail food – cheese slice, 1 half bite, char kuey teow in cone, 2 bites; smoked salmon wrap, 3 bites; barbequed prawn stick, 2 bites; grilled lamb on bone, 1 bite; mascarpone in spoon, 3 friggin’ licks! How cool is that yo! Talk about staying in shape baby!

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shattered dreams said...

hmm.. hotel?!
alwiz dress up dear~
u look good.
so, flaunt it?